Iranian Terror Group Protected by Biden Aided Him in 2020 Election

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DOJ indictment uncovers Iranian cyber warfare scheme to defeat President Trump. Daniel Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center specializing in investigative reporting on the Left and Islamic terrorism.

Neighbors Report Innocent NY Man For ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Innocent: FBI And NBC News Ruin His Life

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has turned a man’s life upside down after raiding his New York home following reports from neighbors that he is a domestic terrorist. The man, 69-year-old Joseph Bolanos, went to the US Capitol to support Trump on Jan. 6 but did not enter the building or participate in the unrest.

Nadler Doesn’t Know What “Myth” Means

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ANTIFA violence is a myth says New York Representative Jerry Nadler while meeting Fleccas. Not sure he knows what a "myth"means.

US Forces Take Out More Terrorists

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The United States Armed Forces conducted a series of airstrikes, the latest of which hit two areas in Somalia, which killed 6 Al-Shabaab terrorists.

Jihad: War or Crime?

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Creating a caliphate, i.e., a Muslim empire, is a political goal. Therefore, Islamic terrorism is a war, not a criminal act.

The Unpersoning of Andy Ngo Begins

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The left has launched a full fledged attack on Andy Ngo since the Battle of Berkley. Now he's suspended from Twitter and the far-left now want him deplatformed.

Nothing Triggers the Left More Than a Red MAGA Hat

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The Left hates what the red MAGA hat represents: freedom, liberty and America First... For those of you who do not know, MAGA stands for ‘Make America Great Again’. It…

Angels at Flight 93 Crash Site

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Amidst all the tragedy of 9/11, many stories of courage and faith rose from the ashes. Here's a remarkable story of Flight 93's brave passengers.