Nothing Triggers the Left More Than a Red MAGA Hat

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The Left hates what the red MAGA hat represents: freedom, liberty and America First…

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For those of you who do not know, MAGA stands for ‘Make America Great Again’. It is an expression coined by President Trump, and it has resounded loudly throughout his administration and all those who support him. Many companies have printed similar hats and shirts sharing in the empowering call.


However, the political climate we are in today does not guarantee MAGA enthusiasm. If you choose to wear your MAGA hat in public, you should be advised that there have been many unwelcome incidents. A few people have had drinks thrown on them. Some have had unwelcome comments made to them, and others have even been asked to leave a restaurant they stopped at for dinner. It may be a small percentage of patriots who have experienced this unacceptable behavior, but it has happened. Unfortunate, is it not?

Back in June of 2017, an Antifa member clobbered a Trump supporter with a bike lock at a Berkeley rally. In July of this year, a man named Kino Jimenez “assaulted and terrorized three 16-year-old boys sitting in a burger joint waiting for their order, simply because one wore a red MAGA hat.”

MAGA Hat Wearing Journalist Lost His Job

During live coverage, this month, KTTC-TV Journalist James Bunner wore a MAGA hat at the Trump Presidential Rally in Rochester. He greeted and spoke with people as they came in the door. This proved to be bad luck for him. As a result of joining in the MAGA hat magic, he was told he was fired the next day.

“I’ve met people all the way from Mankato, from Iowa, from Eagle Lake, you name it” Bunner said. “They are excited for the fact the president of the United States is visiting Rochester. This is big! This is ‘yuge,’ in the words of Donald Trump.”

Against Company Policy

KTTC’s Director, Noel Sederstrom said, “our newsroom’s standards of professional journalism do not allow our reporters to wear partisan political campaign clothing while actively covering a political campaign event for the television station.”

“I never have been a big Trump fan,” Bunner said on Facebook. “I love a lot of what he’s saying and believe if he could live up to all of these promises he’s made about immigration and the Supreme Court, he could be a fantastic president.” He went on to say, “Look on the bright side. At least now Obama’s legacy has been destroyed, Hillary Clinton will never be president, and there’s gonna be a whole lot of pissed off liberals in the morning.” He seems to take his firing in stride. Perhaps because he strongly supports his views.

A Show of Support

Bunner has supporters who even offered financial support via a GoFundMe account (for which Bunner politely declined, though he thanked them). GoFundMe is a for-profit crowdfunding platform that allows people to raise money for events ranging from life events, such as celebrations and graduations, to challenging circumstances like accidents and illnesses. An unforseen termination of employment would certainly apply.

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In a tweet, Bunner defended his (ex)employer, saying it was not their fault. Though KTTC-TV claims Bunner was not terminated based on his political choices, it certainly felt that way to the masses. It seemed like just one more repercussion for the MAGA hat wearer, and a big one at that. Most importantly, it seemed like a sign that pride of country and the current president will not always garner positive outcomes.

At a time when anti-American media, academia, entertainment industry and socialist politicians are working overtime to hold on to their false narrative and the minds of the masses, it comes as no surprise at all. This should not deter people from wearing their MAGA wear. Once that side has finally admitted defeat, they may just end up being highly collectible.

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