Oregon Close to Legalizing Psychedelic Mushrooms

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Clarifying Studies

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Studies are being done on the therapeutic benefits of psychedelic drugs, specifically mushrooms, for medicinal purposes, to assist people fighting cancer. The psychedelic stimulants these individuals are interested in are the same as some used as recreational drugs back in the ‘60s and ‘70s. The question is, is it worth it?

LSD (although it will be the derivative, psilocybin) and certain mushrooms are currently being studied. Some of these studies are being done at NYU Medical, while  others are at Johns Hopkins. Studies, commentaries and an editorial were recently published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology.

Therapeutic studies being done are to focus on hopefully alleviating the distress caused by anxiety and depression in individuals due to cancer treatments such as chemotherapy. Not just looking to get high, this therapy is also sought out by some who have decided not to continue with their cancer treatment. They are looking for a little bit of peace in the time they have left.

Back to Native American Ways

Arguably, it is true that new findings are actually old knowledge, in that  ‘shrooms may provide health benefits to cancer fighters. However, it is not in the same way as marijuana, but in a much more powerful and healing way. So much so, that the state of Oregon is considering putting it to a vote on a 2020 ballot for legalization.

Therapeutic studies being done are to focus on hopefully alleviating the distress due to cancer treatments such as chemotherapy.

Currently, the Secretary of State in Oregon has signed off on an Initiative Petition which is the first step toward legalization. Now, those backing the petition will need to get 117,578 signatures to get on a ballot for 2020.

Sad statistics have been heard in the past: 20,000 people die of cancer every day. Unfortunately, most people have been touched by cancer in some way in their lives, which means either they themself or someone known and/or loved by them has had a battle with cancer of some type. Fortunately, with research, new trials and treatments, those numbers have improved. The numbers get better as painstaking work continues in hopes of finding a cure.


Psychedelic mushrooms are likened to a ‘Superfood’ ( a commonly heard term these days), but much more powerful in this case. There is currently proven and advancing evidence that these medicinal mushrooms are beyond a ‘Superfood’, even in both the treatment and prevention of cancer. There is a common medicinal mushroom used in Asia by the name of reishi.

Friends at The Truth About Cancer share this information: “One of the most well-known medicinal mushrooms in Asian healing arts is reishi (Ganoderma lucidum). There is data to support the potential use of reishi as, at the very least, an adjunct therapy for colorectal cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, and breast cancer.”

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More on the Reishi

The reishi mushroom is one of the most well known of the medically used mushrooms in Chinese medicine for improving and prolonging life, and not only for cancer fighters. Reishi is used to help strengthen and support the immune system, which is of great help to those with autoimmune disease and their symptoms such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to name one. Research Reishi mushrooms for more information on its many uses to see if it may be something that could be personally helpful.

The site also shares this, “Maitake mushroom has clinically shown promise for individuals with breast cancer, lung cancer, and myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS).” They mentioned this as well, “The anti-viral properties of the turkey tail mushroom offer a unique opportunity to target oncoviruses (tumor virus) such as human papillomavirus leading to cervical cancer, hepatitis C leading to liver cancers, and others.”

Funding ‘Shroom Research

An interesting fact: Mushrooms cannot be patented. This leads to questions of where the resources to do research on these medical hopefuls come from? It would have to be from private financing or government backing of some sort, such as a grant.

Currently, a new biotech company, Atai Life Sciences, has raised quite a chunk of change for this research. With their total reaching $25 million, they seem to be making an excellent start with funding. Business Insider shares more on this company and their goals.

The Best Way

The little gems can be taken in their raw state, but have better benefits if they are taken as supplements. One thing to look for is if they are  organic. It is important to check labels before buying any supplement. Also, be sure to do research before purchasing supplements.

Make sure to choose the best supplement that yields the most benefits. There are many sites that can help with some simple knowledge as to which mushrooms are best for what ailments without necessarily being too complicated.

Oregon ‘Shroom Legalization

After reviewing this information, it is easy to see why it is believed more studies and research may produce extremely beneficial results for many more people. Is Oregon leading the way? Is it something the average citizen should try on their own? Why? Why not? The answers may be far out, still.

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