The Soy War on Men

Soy Boy Explained

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Ever since the Left has adopted veganism as one of its core beliefs, vegan activists began prodding people to turn vegan. Veganism is promoted in liberal colleges, television commercials and all over social media from YouTube to Tumblr.

Just type ‘veganism,’ into any search engine and there will be a plethora of memes and videos of people mocking it, pushing it and observing the vegan phenomenon. These leftist lifestyle peddlers virtue signal and weaponize health as a means to get the masses to buy into it.

Moreover, when repetition is the Alinsky tactic used to hypnotize people into a lulled state of consciousness, they push harder until the convincing of the masses occurs. Then, they, the few elite are perceived to be right in their assertion of this untruth. Therefore they go unchallenged, as they always have. Professors in universities do this all the time.  

On Liberal Arts college campuses, they are removing Judeo-Christian roots of American history. They do this a number of ways in classes that are devoted to multiculturalism and these classes are designed for pushing out the notions of normalcy in exchange for unusual perspectives on politics, culture, economics and even food. The scary part is, people are buying it in droves.

“I drink Soylent,” Jesse Cox

The Agent: Soy

While veganism and anti-animal eating continue to expand globally, a new rise in a specific product began to rear its ugly head. That chemical contagion we speak of is known as soy. All of a sudden, it is a craze in the Western world. Soy or soya is a bean originating from East Asia. Much of China, Japan, and Korea were the known producers of soybeans, and generally, they have been known to ferment the soybeans. ‘Natto’ is the Japanese by-product, widely loved by Japanese people. Natto gets its name from the ‘nattokinase’ meaning, ‘fermented cheese by-product’ of the fermentation process that the soybeans go through.

However, in the West, fermenting soy was not accepted due to the nature of fermenting itself. Fermenting equals ‘rot.’ Due to the negative nature of the word ‘rot,’ this style of soybean harvesting wasn’t accepted in America. In turn, Western people exchanged the very different and healthier fermented soy, for the raw soy found in the form of the edamame bean. The edamame is steamed soybeans, mostly tofu, soy milk, and other forms of soy that are unfermented. It is this soybean, the edamame that poses an issue due to the strong push on the masses.

Multi-Billion Industry

Soy has become a multi-billion dollar industry. In the span of the last decade, soy products have exploded onto the scene since 1992, where soy-based products averaged about $300 million a year, but today, soy-based products average out to be a $4 billion annually. However, the effects have been detrimental to the population, culture, and almost every single facet in between. Hyperbolic? Perhaps. Worth investigating? Most definitely.

Since the 1990s, testosterone levels in men have decreased by 1% per year.

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How is it that such a little tiny bean can turn the tide to create a craze that is affecting untold millions of people in just two decades? Just as quickly as revisionism and post-modernism can seep into the culture creating a void and replacing that void with more uselessness than productivity. It has affected the health and wellbeing of people, and in the case of soy, men as a whole.

Girlie Man

Gone are the days of men that would come home still dressed in slacks, their work shirt, and suspenders, mow the lawn with a cigar in their mouth, and go into the house soaked in sweat, as the wife just finished up a meatloaf for dinner. Gone are even the days of the factory worker coming home stained with black soot or oil, wearing a white tank top undershirt as his wife and kids all gather for a meal at the same table. Men that used to pride themselves on the work they did, their kids and the woman they love are becoming fewer in numbers.

Testosterone Levels in Men Decrease

Since the 1990s, testosterone levels in men have decreased by 1% per year. Which means, the men today have half the level of testosterone than their 40-year-old peers. Instead of men who work out their chest, back, and legs, men have abandoned such endeavors and instead want to conquer Fortnite or PUBG. Gone are the waters, beers, and protein shakes. It all has changed chemically to contain soy milk and other soy products. Also, in such consumption, men are consuming vast quantities of phytoestrogen.

The fact that estrogen is in the chemical agent should raise concerns. Phytoestrogen is a compound found in soy among other products that mimic the female hormone estrogen. Studies have shown that post-menopausal women undergo soy therapy to increase their levels of estrogenic hormones. That alone should raise alarm within the male population. It is a clear indication that one may not want to consume such products.

Blue Checkmark Brigade Soy Boys

Since the soy industry has gone upwards of $4 billion, one may also want to consider the type of men that are consuming soy and filling their endocrine system with copious amounts of phytoestrogen. Vegan, male feminists, beta males and men who generally swing to the Left are all proponents of the simulated Leftist ideologies, and they also consume soy products by the droves.

Beta Males Hate Trump

Correlation does not equal causation. It is worth noting, most of the blue check mark brigade on Twitter, who call for the genocide of white people regularly, cry about a ‘refugee’ crisis when CNN reports one. Those that espouse anti-Trump sentiment have also been noted to consume large amounts of soy.

These men rule a huge percentage of Twitter, the Left wing media and academia. These beta males also influence various high levels of our culture. It seems that phasing out masculine men is on the rise.

Why Hate Soy?

It is not so much hatred for soy as it is an acute awareness for the health of males. Age ranges of healthy men regarding nanogram per deciliter (ng/dL), is typically 386–1200 ng/dL, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. A YouTube search for BuzzFeed, The Try Guys T-level, shows Leftist males bordering on extreme levels of low testosterone. An Asian male, named Eugene on the show is rated to have the highest level of testosterone at 326 ng/dL. That is lower than the average testosterone in an 80-100-year-old man, where the average IS 386 ng/dL.

Soy does contain phytoestrogen which as stated previously, is the compound that mimics the female hormone estrogen. An imbalance of estrogen in men decreases needed testosterone levels. Low testosterone levels in men cause low libido, erectile dysfunction, reduced musculature, reduced bone density, gynecomastia (man boobs), and cancer. The imbalance, is a combination of increased levels of estrogen that counter the testosterone. Just due to soy consumption there is an even more dastardly deal going on, and it is affecting our children.

Women and Estrogen

Women that use soy-based baby food are feeding the estrogen levels of their babies the equivalent of five birth control pills daily. Certain soy products can be healthy. For example, unpasteurized soy sauce, miso, Korean soybean paste, Japanese natto and tempeh are fermented. The fermentation process kills off some of the harmful substances that can cause issues for babies. The above mentioned ‘good soy,’ is also rich in vitamin K which aids in regulating blood clots and nattokinase, it breaks up the cells that are known to cause brain tumors.

Redditor calls out limp-wristed soy boy

If you thought the ‘Try Guys’ were bad, then perusing through some of Twitter’s ‘blue checkmark brigade,’ will show you that these soy-eaters also suffer from balding, and ironic beards to cover their weak chins. Other characteristics noted are the poisonous Leftist ideals, such as an obsession with video games like Nintendo Switch, and the “soy face,” or the “Nu-male smile.” These guys can not call themselves men, yet they litter Twitter with their Left Wing propaganda and espouse soy consumption in droves. Their actions heavily influence men.

Hollywood and Soy Boy Notables

Will Wheaton, an infamous Hollywood Leftist, on November 5, 2017, tweeted by mocking Christians, conveniently after a mass shooting in a Texas church. Then a few weeks later tweeted, “GLUG GLUG GLUG GLUG GLUG MORE SOY MILK!  BRING ME THE BOTTLE AND LEAVE IT!”

  • The noted Pez neck econ professor John Jay uses his Twitter platform to teach about killing cops. He tweets, “I just came here to drink soy milk, and honestly, I’m feeling so attacked right now.” 
  • Verge Editor, Casey Newton tweeted about how he would walk through fire for Hillary Clinton. He later tweeted, “Soy here. #lactose #sisterhood”
  • Jeopardy winner Arthur Chu, who regularly tweets about wanting to wipe out all men tweeted, “I’m happy to admit I can not satisfy my wife. Only a world without inequality can.” Another tweet of Chu’s feed read “Starbucks CHARGES EXTRA to sub soy milk in lattes & and I think we should sign a petition that this is racist.”
  • Twitter user @ascaredwhale tweeted out his heritage about being ethnically white and being suicidal because of it. Another of his dandy soy boy tweets reads, “Nowadays I drink soy milk and listen 2 2 Chainz.”
  • Twitter user @yvngstvn, compliments himself on how woke he is and then tweets this,  “All I crave is peanut butter, avocados, gelato/ice cream/yogurt, vegan burgers, tofu, & cereal.”
  • Alleged comedian, Jesse Cox tweets about how he would rather die than to stop any more Muslim refugees from entering America. To add to his martyrdom, he tweets, “Walking down the street, spot the Soylent truck, now I’m drinking a sweet chai breakfast.”

On and On This Soy Rhetoric Goes

The Twitter soy brigade says dribble, while posting pictures of themselves with soy-based products, you wonder if over-consumption of soy is a direct correlation to cause these nu-males to lean Left? Paul Joseph Watson does a deep dive worth watching, including soy face!

For men, the remedy is simple. Besides spending money on copious amounts of testosterone boosting supplements and Yohimbe root consumption, it all boils down to basic habits. Eat the right foods in a balanced macronutrient rich diet of the right amount of protein. No soy proteins allowed here gentlemen. Throw in some carbohydrates, and fats.

Healthy Food Vs. a Soy Diet

Some foods have been proven to decrease estrogen levels. Most notably, beef, onions, mushrooms, red wine, and pomegranates. Grill the thickest steak you can find with sauteed onions and mushrooms. Drink Merlot with that steak, and eat pomegranate seeds for dessert.

Another critical task to combating the gynocentric environment is to work out. Consistent cardio mixed with resistance training will build muscle. Workouts increase your natural human growth hormone found in the muscle groups; legs, back, and chest. A routine will cause more testosterone to flow due to muscle mass. The body needs mass to repair and build.

As consistent exercise increases hunger, more protein intake is essential. Also, love your woman deeply. Be aggressive in your love for her and only her. Treat her like a queen. Your libido will increase as a healthy level of testosteroneis produced. Finally, any woman that feeds you soy is your enemy, and wants nothing more than to end your life.

Avoid the soy! Say no to edamame, if you are a man. It’s just steamed soybeans! Leave that for your girl; it will benefit her far more than you. Consume natto fermented soybean products. Stay away from Soy drinks. We are all grown men in a very emasculating culture. We do not need the added weight of emasculated friends trying to cripple us even further. America and future generations are at stake!

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