James Woods Spotted a Terrorist Dry Run on His Flight, Just Before 9/11 Attacks

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Turning Back the Clock to 9/11

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The anniversary of September 11, 2001, is drawing near once again. It is a time of tragedy and heartache for most Americans. It is a day that will forever be etched in our memory. Everyone remembers exactly where they were when they first heard the news. We watched in horror while many lives were lost in the single greatest act of terrorism ever perpetrated on American soil.

If the hands of time could be turned back, could this tragedy have been prevented? Were there any warning signs of what was about to take place? Did the FBI, or any law enforcement, know there were terrorists roaming our streets, flying in our friendly skies?

There are many theories about what took place on that fateful day. A variety of experts, both educated and not, have offered every analysis in the book. Conspiracy theories abound. Instead, let us go back in time before 9/11, and explore if there were warning signs that this event was on the horizon.

Enter James Woods

August 1, 2001, James Woods, actor, voice actor, and producer, was on a flight from Boston to Los Angeles when he encountered four men whom he felt were suspicious. They were of Middle Eastern descent and were, according to him, acting strangely.

At the time, America had just come through Desert Storm with President George H. Bush and his son George W. Bush was pushing to return to to the Middle East once again. Rumors were swirling that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destructions and that an invasion of Saudi Arabia would be needed to take them out. The problem? No clear evidence could be presented that could confirm this.

This presented significant problems, on all fronts, with no real reason to justify another invasion in the Middle East. Tensions across the political landscape, both home and abroad, were mounting. James Woods had already come under fire for using the term “raghead,” and many would say this was merely a prejudicial attempt to paint all Muslims in a bad light. The difference being that now, with a war with Saudi Arabia looming on the horizon, everyone of Middle Eastern descent could erroneously be considered “suspicious.”

James Woods was on a normal flight back to L.A. from Boston. He noticed four men acting suspiciously; he reported it to the flight crew. In an interview with Bill O’Reilly months after 9/11, James would recall why he was suspicious.

In his opinion, it was odd that these four men got on a relatively long flight with no luggage. When asked by the flight attendant what they would need, they ignored her. It was their demeanor that also struck James as odd. To him, they behaved like soldiers, or someone with military or police background would behave. Notably, some might argue them not speaking to the female attendant was not suspicious, given a possible cultural belief to not speak to an unfamiliar woman.

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Woods recalled telling his suspicions to the flight crew, who subsequently had their own suspicions. Later he would learn that the flight crew had contacted the Federal Aviation Administration. Did the FAA contact the FBI?

The Day America Mourned

When that fateful day arrived, and James heard the news, his friends reminded him of his flight and suggested he call the FBI, which he did. The FBI took his call and thanked him for the information. They told him he was one of thirty-six thousand tips, and to not expect to hear from them again.

The next day the FBI was at his home asking more questions. The FBI would neither confirm nor deny the presence of the men on the flight. Nor would the FBI confirm or deny their role in the 9/11 terrorist act on American soil. It is his opinion that two of the four men were on flights 175 and 177, again, the FBI would not confirm or deny his suspicions.

The FBI Then and Now

There are so many questions regarding that day. It is impossible to know if these four men were being watched by the FBI or not. Could 9/11 have been prevented if the FAA had contacted the FBI? If they did contact the FBI, why were these guys not being monitored? Could 9/11 have been prevented if someone had taken the flight crew and James Woods seriously? Unfortunately, the world will never know.

What is known is that on that day many men, women, and children died. To this day many are dying of the after effects of the buildings collapsing. Sadly, this tragedy continues to sprout its deadly seeds over and over again.

In recent days, the revelations of unconscionable failures, and things the FBI may have done to people makes one wonder just how far back the corruption go? Does it go all the way to 9/11 or perhaps even farther?

Triumph Over Tragedy

The world may never know the whole truth about what occurred on the days leading up to the planned attacks on that fateful day. While true justice may never be seen, the families who lost loved ones on 9/11 deserve it.

Honor those lost, and their families, by being vigilant, not vengeful. Each time evil rears its ugly head the American people will triumph by continuing to grow stronger and more united as a nation.

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