New Right Network: Team Work Makes the Dream Work

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New Right Network brings a sense of family and team work to an international MAGA community…

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MAGA is a mindset that runs through every area of life. The Make America Great Again (MAGA) mission initiated by President Trump has also gone global! It’s a way of life enjoyed by millions of conservatives in America and beyond. MAGA conservatives are more than political thinkers; they’re businessmen and women, writers, designers, sports fans and gamers. New Right Network is home to some of the most talented volunteers who wish to experience liberty and freedom in every area of their lives. Read on to understand New Right Network from the eyes of some of its diligent volunteers.

A Pivot In Time

History has recorded significant events that have changed the foundational values upon which we govern our lives. Books are full of stories of apples, floods, and giant boats with eight surviving individuals. No matter your belief system these events are common across all cultures.

Fast forward several millennia, and you will find that our generation is, and has been for some time, at another pivotal point in time and history. Never has there been a such a strong push to globalize the world under one banner, one culture, and one religion. Globalization has been presented as the cure-all for poverty, war and disease. One of the scariest issues with this ideology is that each nation on earth must give up their sovereignty under the false song of globalism.

#Resist… Really?

In 2016, Americans pushed back against the false song of globalism and liberalism. The election year was not looking very impressive with its list of the same old tired politicians speaking the same empty promises. Those who were awake and watching saw one such candidate with fear and trembling. Should Hillary Clinton be elected, it would mean the end of America forever. America knew it, and things were about to get ugly.

It was not until June 2015 and an infamous Trump escalator ride that America finally found hope. A collective sigh could be heard across these United States. An outsider was running for President. This would be the greatest test to prove what was in us as a nation. Would America allow the homeland to die in the teeth of the wolves, or would America elect Donald Trump, the only candidate outside the swamp? For the next year or so we would find out.

The following event need only be described in a few words, free for all. People took to social media to express their views, support their candidates, and for some, wage war on those who disagreed with their viewpoint. The closer we got to the election, the uglier it got. People published private information of others who did not share the same political views. Some people were sending death threats, hate mail and sometimes going as far as to protest outsides their homes.

A Critical Point in Time

This election was indeed a very critical time. Conservatives soon realized they had no voice and were being shut out on mainstream media, heckled at rallies and even beat up for wearing a particular candidates apparel. The problem was, they had no place to go where they could be heard. They were getting censored or banned on social media and trolled so bad they simply got tired and deleted accounts.

Then on May 8, 2016, out of the smoke and ashes of a heated presidential election, a budding network arose called The New Right on Reddit, promising conservatives a place to have their voice heard, a place they could say what they felt without censorship or fear of bans. In September 2017, they adopted the name New Right Network. This network was not just about how talented you were or the number of degrees you held. It was about helping Make America Great Again. They welcomed everyone with open arms.

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Envisioning the Future

New Right Network was born under the vision of one person, and then others came along to assist. Together, they helped define the New Right and the MAGA movement online, red-pilled 1M+ people, helped to get Donald J. Trump in the White House and continue to keep the MAGA community energized and focused. New Right Network refused to sit idly on the sideline and see America smolder in the ashes of the Globalist agenda. They tirelessly and selflessly started from the ground up and brought others alongside to make sure that MAGA would not go down in the flames of Globalism.

On November 8, 2016, that dream was fulfilled when Donald J. Trump became the forty-fifth president of the United States. Once the election was over, you would think they closed shop and went home. However, that could not be further from the truth. In September of 2017, the name was changed to the New Right Network, with its own discord server and website to follow. Through a network of volunteers who wanted to help MAGA, New Right Network has grown exponentially. One person’s vision has led to the development of a platform that gives a voice to the silenced.

They continue to fight each day tirelessly for MAGA. They continue to inspire others to fight and dream and make their voices count. The dream is still alive and burns hotter than ever. They have a passion that cannot and will not be quenched until America is truly great again and stays great!

The thing that makes the New Right Network different than most is that we are a family. A family that fights, dreams, works and has fun together while fighting to MAGA. No voice is too small, no talent unnoticed. Teamwork, makes the dream work.

The Voices of New Right Network

New Right Network found me when I was looking for a way to make a difference in this country that I love so much. I am so glad that I decided to jump on board with them. Since being with New Right Network, I have found my place in the MAGA movement. We all want to make a difference and thanks to the brilliant minds and willing hearts behind New Right Network, that desire has become a reality. Being surrounded by people who have the same willing hearts is such an inspiration. It is more important now than ever that we come together as a team to counter the Left and energize the Right. Team work, makes the dream work. — Rose Taylor, Editor In Chief

So I have to admit, the favorite part of me working with New Right Network is the people I am working with, people from all walks of life brought under a single banner – to ‘Make America Great Again’. Seeing such a dynamic group of individuals fighting their corner, utilizing their strengths, is all that can be asked of any patriot, and I am sure the people I work with are some of the highest order. Even if it doesn’t change the world, it is the little things, the small pleasantries of success, giving the inspiration for people to think, to question, all with these notions being presented to people who are unknown to the writers and editors themselves. To give this time and effort for a cause which gives no direct benefit other than to make their readers believe in a better place, this amongst other things makes me proud to write and work with this group of talented individuals. — Frank Preston, Volunteer

I’ve had a good experience working with New Right Network journalism team. The team is focused on quality journalism. I have been writing for New Right Network for several months. My background is both broadcast and print journalism. Unfortunately there are limited opportunities for those interested in mainstream media opportunities if they are conservative. New Right Network has given me an opportunity and that I am grateful for. — Jake Highwell, Journalist 

I like how I have a lot of freedom in NRN to take part in a large variety of different projects depending on what interests me. At first I was mainly doing Reddit moderation, but now that I’ve moved into an upper management role I’m involved a lot in the journalism department, Discord administration and various other things as well. — Jezebel, Administrator/Managing Editor

I spent a lot of time feeling helpless and as if I did not have a voice, or even a vehicle to help my fellow patriots navigate through all the hoopla before I found New Right Network. The fake news epidemic was disastrous for our country, and I knew it. Desperate for a way to bring truth to as many as I could, I took on the challenge of becoming a journalist, and bringing respect back to the field, and trust back to the news. I have since become an editor and senior contributor, and haven’t run out of things to say yet. Just as an elephant is eaten one bite at a time, fake news is destroyed one truthful and factual article at a time. New Right Network gave me the chance to get a few licks in. — Mary Magaline, Copy Editor/Senior Contributor

Although I’ve not been a member of New Right for very long, I do see the kind of character that the leadership has. They always make an effort to talk to you no matter what and always make you feel a part of the group. They are no slouch either. Whether it’s a sick roast on someone or a masterful political point of view, they always catch people’s attention and everyone listens. Thank you all for all you do for this group. MAGA! Give Honor to whom honor is due. — TheGeekzTeam, Master Memer

New Right Network is hiring volunteer Journalists, Editors, Content Marketers, SEO experts, Graphic Designers, Live Streamers and fired-up MAGA promoters on every social media platform.

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