Open Society Foundation Targeted Texas, Soros Plan to Steal America From Within

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Not Business as Usual

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The midterm elections were contentious for America. Having survived the midterm battles, Americans should be able to go on with their daily lives. They have voted, the die is cast and it should be business as usual. Like everything else since 2016, when Donald Trump won the presidency, politics is not business as usual.

Midterm Madness

While Democrats celebrate their win of the house, Republicans are fighting an all out war over key battleground Senate seats in Arizona, Georgia and Florida. It would seem that the election did not end on November 6th after all. Perhaps the Democrats will keep coming up with provisional ballots until they win. Many Americans are outraged. Congressman Matt Gaetz, journalist Laura Loomer and many others have been in Florida protesting the many thousands of ballots mysteriously showing up.

The question has arisen many times: Why are the ballots only Democrat? Why are there no Republican ballots being found? Perhaps the key to these questions are deeper than Brenda Snipes, as bizarre as she is. Maybe it is even deeper than Ron DeSantis’ lack of will to fight for his own survival in a much contested race. What if it could be proven that someone or some organization is behind the chaos? What if these people are just pawns in a bigger game?

What Has Open Society Foundation Been up To?

The following meeting occurred in 2011 to discuss Open Society Foundation’s (OSF) involvement with Advancement of the OSFagenda at state and local levels. Advancing Open Society at State and Local Levels Wednesday, January 19, 2011 10:00 A.M. – 1:00 P.M., lunch provided Open Society Foundations, 400 West 59th St., New York, NY 10019 Many discussions were made as how to proceed with: • Civil liberties and civil rights • Fiscal policy and budget shortfalls • Redistricting The meeting in particular was focused on the states of Texas and Louisiana. The purpose and theory behind their vision is to expand funding at the state and local levels.

Looking at the numbers that they have invested since this meeting, one can see they invested heavily in these two states. Over a two year period they invested an additional $15 million dollars, calling it the ‘States Strategies Initiative.’ One bullet point in the memo recognized the fact that the Health Care For America Now Act was a $51 million dollar campaign. It does not appear that money is a problem when it comes to their agenda.

What Does OSF Want?

The obvious elephant in the room is… what does OSF want? They are willing to pour a lot of money into states they feel are instrumental in moving toward certain goals. Whose goals are those? Most Americans would not agree with what Open Society stands for. Its primary initiative is open borders. Hear it in the chants of the mindless, “No Borders, No Walls, No U.S.A at ALL.” Where are they learning this from?

According to Wikipedia, the society was founded in 1993 by George Soros. It has its tentacles in 37 countries worldwide. Changing their name in 2010 from Open Society Institute to Open Society Foundation, the group continues to push its agenda worldwide in an effort to destabilize sovereignty around the world.

Primarily the group perceives itself as a benefactor in civil liberties and can be found heavily in such places as Venezuela, West Africa and more. They desire a deeper root in America. Finding Open Society’s influence in the United States in not surprising. It is even less surprising to find them in places such as Texas and Louisiana. These two states have long been traditionally conservative states and the globalists wish to turn them Democrat.

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Were They Successful in Texas?

In 2008, an unknown person rose from nowhere and secured the Democratic nomination in the primaries; Robert Francis O’Rourke came out of left field. Many Texans had never heard of this young man, who for arguable reasons decided to call himself “Beto.”

Just like Barack Obama, O’Rourke quickly rose through the ranks to secure the primaries with a trail of cash, sponsorships and more. If it had not been a seriously backed campaign, Texans would have laughed at this showboat who called himself a contender for the senate seat.

No one thought he had chance; yet come election day, not only did he have a chance, he came close to winning. This left most Texans scratching their heads wondering what happened to the traditional conservative red state. This phenomenon has been repeated all over the U.S. since midterm election day. The close call has rudely awakened many Texans up to the fact that they have been overrun. Only time will prove if it is too late to repair the political and societal fracturing.

Will Open Society Succeed in Burning U.S. Down? If Open Society Foundation is behind the funding of Democrat candidates, especially in red states, then OSF nearly succeeded in stealing the entire midterm election. In their own words, meeting agendas and more, they openly push for redistricting and pouring millions of dollars in state and local races in order to have more sway with candidates and elections. The question is, why is this legal; why is this allowed? Where is the push back? It is time perhaps that America tells George Soros and his group to take a hike like the Hungarian government did this year, forcing him to close his European offices and move them to Berlin.

Those who do not believe that the supporters of an open society are up to no good have been figuratively asleep far too long. Americans owe it to themselves and their families to do the research. Find out what organizations like OSF are up to. Still relevant today, is a line from Shakespeare’s 1596 Merchant of Venice, and as the gold rush 49’ers in California found: “All that glitters is not gold.”

These societies and supporters pour millions of dollars into the poorest parts of the states in return for voters who will vote their way. Americans must arise from sleeping in a bed of ashes made of complacency, apathy and neglect. The enemy is past the gate. They are inside burning the house down.

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