Ted Nugent’s Open Letter to Joe Biden

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On Wednesday, the 20th of January, we witnessed the swearing in of the 46th president of the United States. While there were a few celebrations, most of the country is reeling from shock. We are shocked that this election and inauguration were allowed to take place in the light of voter fraud and more.

The last four years seem like a dream in comparison to the nightmare the majority of Americans woke up to today. Is Joe Biden really president? The feeling is surreal, like waking up from a nightmare only to realize it is true.

Stumbling through social media,  I ran across this tweet from singer Ted Nugent, who sums up what the majority of Americans feel today.

The call for unity in such a chiding way doesn’t sit well with the majority of Americans who were subjected to four years of bias from every angle possible.

Nugent remarked that he refused to listen to the call for unity and I think we all agree. You cannot unify what you spent four years trying to destroy. Now that you are in charge, you want rally troops behind you that you called deplorable, terrorist, and more. 

He went on to say, “I remember four years ago, President Trump also called for unity…I remember how congressional Democrats responded by boycotting the inauguration.“

Now when the tables are turned, we are supposed to drop four years of not only boycotts but harassment, bullying, and more and have that proverbial kumbaya moment together. 

The American people who have been subjected to four years of anger, lies, and threats are not ready to beat those swords into plowshares just yet.

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?

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Your Move, Democrats

The Democrats have a lot to prove to even start the healing processes; I don’t think we will ever see that day. The water under the bridge is a fast moving current of no return. While unity sounds good on the surface, what exactly do they mean to unify? They have spent years trying to destroy arguably one of the greatest presidents in history, a president who threw his heart and soul into the America he loved so much. We the people love him for that. He worked tirelessly for all Americans, right or left. He never took one single thing from either side, but gave out of the abundance of his love for Americans. 

What exactly are we going to unify now?

Nugent goes on to share a litany of things the Democrat party accomplished over the last four years. Starting with what is now referred to as “Russia Gate,” he stated, “I remember how members of your congressional party cheated and used the greatest law enforcement institution of this country and used it to spy on President Trump and his campaign.”

Straight out of the chute on day one, President Trump was subjected to numerous investigations over everything under the sun. From the very beginning to the end, he has not had a moment of peace and unity from the party ironically wanting to start now. 

Americans are weary; we have been in a dog fight since the day then-possible candidate Trump took his famous escalator ride. We have watched day after day, one attack, one false accusation after another trying to destroy a president who only has America’s best interest at heart. 

Now that they have regained control they suddenly want to talk peace? Not in a million years will this even be remotely possible until the Democrats acknowledge their complicity in trying to destroy Donald Trump. Even then, I believe no one would buy it. It would just be more lies to strengthen their power-hungry egos. 

Ted Nugent’s Letter

The letter Nugent wrote talks about the many things Democrats have done through the last four years. I won’t list them all because honestly the wound is still too fresh and too raw to uncover. If you want the entirety of the statement please reference the above tweet. 

What is the next step for millions of Americans living with shock and horror today? 

I have read many who say they will not claim Joe Biden as president. I get it, we all feel that way to a degree. We all wish for Tinkerbell to show up, do a magic wave of her wand, and return us all to Neverland. Since that is not possible somehow, we are going to have to wade through these emotions of betrayal, hurt, confusion, and more and work to reverse the evil sweeping America right now. 

It is hard to ignore when feelings are completely justified. That said, we can’t go shrinking into the background and let the Democrat Party undo everything that we have accomplished together and through the guidance of President Trump. 

He is not a quitter and neither should we be. Take some time off, take a break, but don’t quit. Don’t give up now or the past years of sacrifice that President Trump and his family gave will be for naught. Don’t take away from him by quitting. 

Resolve to work hard or harder than you have ever done before. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. It may be miniscule, but it is there. Refuse to back down and with pride for the last four years, get back up and get to work. Work on restoration of the America we know and have been screaming about for four years. 

Promises Made, Promises Kept

We must not let President Trump down at such a critical junction in our road to restoring America. Please don’t let those “slings and arrows” President Trump took for us be in vain. 

We must rise to the occasion while we still have opportunities. We do have the opportunity and the power of the American resolve behind us. 

So together with you, hand in hand across this beautiful nation. Let us resolve in our hearts the spirit of unity as seventy million voices plus. Unify the common goal of continuing the legacy of President Donald J. Trump. 

Together we can “Make America Great Again.”

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