Ukraine First: Biden’s New Energy Regime

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So to those of you who are just waking up, “Q’s” plan was a joke and Lin Wood’s “leaks” were not much better. This was classic smoke and mirrors used to distract people from the real problems we were facing as a nation, namely that Joe Biden appears to be a bought and paid for politician whose “America Last” yard sale is ending thousands of American jobs and setting us up for a deep recession.

Biden and the Guy From South Bend

Biden’s cabinet picks are among the worst we have seen as a nation. Selecting Pennsylvania’s Dr. Rachel Levine as undersecretary of Health and Human Services just shows that Biden is not paying attention to numbers. Levine removed her mother from a nursing home hours before dozens of COVID affected patients were shipped in. This resulted in the deaths of dozens of residents, but her mom was safe. The removal of her mother showed that Levine was at least reckless in placing the people in the home; at worst, she was purposeful and criminally culpable for manslaughter.

However, even worse than that is the selection of the former mayor of South Bend as transportation secretary. With the exception of his military service, Mayor Pete Buttigieg has been a failure in public life. His lack of understanding of basic economics and labor policy is laughable. He was a candidate picked for his identity, and now his lack of experience is showing. In an exchange with Ted Cruz, Mayor Pete noted that they were going to replace the pipeline workers lost jobs with “good-paying union jobs.” One is left to wonder if these are the same “good-paying union ready jobs” that Obama referred to as “shovel ready.”

Jobs Lost are Jobs Lost

To glibly say that skilled employees were just going to be given other skilled jobs shows the disdain the new regime and their union cronies have for the people who are actually working. To suggest that people who have worked their whole life to become leaders in a specific skill should just give up that skill and move on to “learning a new skill” is asinine. Mayor Pete, you were trained to be a service member; you did not do to well picking up another job when you came out of the service.

These people have a vested interest in the jobs they have, or does the idea of vesting only apply to government bureaucracy and teachers union jobs now? This is a direct punishment for those people who “had the nerve” to go against their union masters and freely chose to vote for Trump. This executive order is not only ex post facto (the pipeline contract was already executed), but is is also punitive against people for voting for whomever they wanted.

A New Legal Regime

In the DACA case, where the Supreme Court stated that a president must have a compelling reason to end a predecessors executive order (which the Keystone Pipeline order did), Justice John Roberts stated, “These horrible and politically charged decisions coming out of the Supreme Court are shotgun blasts into the face of people.” Under the new case law, none of Biden’s orders may be legal (with the exception of the face mask order he already violated).

The people who are affected by this judgement need to fight back against the “powers that be.” One thing we have learned from illegal aliens is that if you shout loud enough with enough people, there is a slight chance that the government will do its job and listen. The people working only the pipeline were doing their best to do their job safely.

As an additional note, many Republicans are calling Biden’s actions “Saudi Arabia First.” While it is true that the Princes will be the main beneficiaries of Biden’s illegal order, it is not complicated to trace who the real beneficiaries are. Chinese and Ukrainian energy companies are also going to do better under the Biden folly. With oil prices set to go through the roof, these companies – which even CNN has reported are connected to the Bidens – stand to make trillions of dollars.

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?

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Those that have standing in these cases – every single executive order case – need to push back against this unlawful action. Political executive orders are illegal, they are also an affront to our republic. The sheer hatred of the new regime against the 75 million + Americans who voted for the outgoing President is a disgrace. Trump may have railed against the president before him, but he never treated the Obama voters like they were traitors.

(Note for those of you who are saying “But what about the capital siege?” the under 1,000 people who broke into the capital are nothing compared to the thousands that are still burning buildings – some federal – where people are “just trying to do their jobs” in Portland, Seattle, and Denver.) Even with the actions of millions of riotous people, President Trump never ascribed the action to all Obama voters.

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