The Erasure of the Swing States

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Ohio Leaning Increasingly Republican

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Despite the mainstream media’s dishonest narrative of a midterm blue wave and a referendum against President Trump, the evidence suggests a more complicated trend. With the mainstream media it’s always bad news for the Right and positive reporting for the Left. Much of that is actually fake news in reality demographics are a big predictor as to how a state will lean; swing states are increasingly becoming an endangered species.

Ohio, a state which was traditionally a swing state, is now Republican. Ohio had two competitive house seats, one of which was a toss up and the other leaned Republican. They both wound up going solidly Republican. Ohio is a state with many White blue-collar workers, a demographic which leans Right. With the Democratic party increasingly hostile to the American working class, it’s hardly surprising that Ohio would go Republican. Democrats have increasingly alienated working class workers, favoring immigrants over Americans. This is not a wise strategy for Democrats who have lost much of the White working class and a portion of Black Americans as well.

Colorado Going Democrat

Colorado on the other hand is increasingly going Democrat, not because of their ‘brilliant’ Democrat ideology but largely due to changing demographics. In Colorado, Democrats picked up a seat in the House and in the Gubernatorial race. The Democrats picked up a seat as well by 10 points. Again demographics, not Democrat power of persuasion, is largely to explain. Colorado is looking to be no longer a swing state. The Hispanic population is well above the national average and since the Democrats no longer even try to appeal to all Americans but excel in identity politics. In addition, the Democrat party has attempted to change the country by importing illegal and unskilled immigrants from the third world as outlined in the book “Adios America” by Ann Coulter. For the Dems, if you can’t convince the voters you change the electorate.

States which were once swing states are no longer. The shift in demographics is having a massive impact on which states are Democrat and which lean Republican. The midterms showed a new trend. Republicans should continue the Trump strategy and win over working class and middle class voters while emphasizing the importance of the nation-state and trade deals which benefit the American worker.

Georgia Remains Republican

The good news is even after all the chaos Georgia remains Republican. Despite the mainstream media’s efforts to anoint Stacey Abrams as the inevitable winner and to portray Brian Kemp as a racist, the Republican candidate prevailed. Brian Kemp is indeed governor of Georgia. Stacey Abrams has yet to fully acknowledge that the election was fair. Abrams has alleged without any evidence that there has been a concerted effort on the part of Brian Kemp for voter suppression. The fact that Kemp won by a slim margin is a bit concerning but it is a win nonetheless. Kemp won 50.22 percent of the vote while Abrams took 48.3 percent of the vote. This is despite the fact that Abrams received out of state money and had the mainstream media cheering her on.

Texas and Florida Still Red for Now

Despite migration from northern liberal states and third world immigration inundating both Texas and Florida, they remain red states for now. In a contested and very close senate and gubernatorial race in Florida, George Soros funded Gillum and the radical Democrat still lost. The Florida senate race was also a fiasco, but fortunately after all the dust settled, Rick Scott was elected governor of Florida. In the Texas senate race the media anointed “Beto” O’Rourke, the new Obama, there was much talk about Texas going blue but it was not to be. Between the great efforts of the Cruz campaign and significant help from President Trump in getting out right-leaning voters, there was a MAGA victory in Texas.

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