The Unpersoning of Andy Ngo Begins

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Journalism used to be about brave men and women who go into the thick of conflict and report on what goes on. They are boots to the ground individuals who simply want to document and report what they see regarding that situation. But what happens when a journalist, a real journalist who is on the ground and reporting on things the Mainstream Media will not report on, doesn’t just become a target of hate, but also becomes yet another victim of the Big Tech censorship. They did it with Laura Loomer. They did it with Gavin McInnes. They continue to teeter on finalizing the ban on Steven Crowder. They did it with Mike Cernovich and Milo Yiannopolous. And now Twitter suspended journalist Andy Ngo.

Some Context

Remember Antifa? You would probably know them by their actual names like “Vegan ISIS”, “Fascists,” “Black Bloc,” “The Soyboy Gang,” and other such ridiculous names. They get their name Antifa from “Anti-Fascist” that rose when the left, primarily the far-left, all began accusing President Trump of being “fascistic” because of his slogan, “Make America Great Again” and leftist organizations like CNN and Southern Law Poverty Center (SPLC) pulled their proverbial hamstrings from their mental gymnastics and connected the phrase with how Hitler and the Nazis wanted to “make Germany great again” back in the 1930s.

So Antifa was born and began their violent tirades. First it started off just obnoxious. Lanky basement dwelling anarcho-communists gathering at a mainstream conservative speaker and using the heckler’s veto on Ben Shapiro or Dinesh D’ Souza. But then they started attacking and assaulting the attendants to the events. Former Diablo Valley College adjunct professor Eric Clanton snuck his way through a crowd and bludgeoned a man with a bike lock then snuck away but not before 4chan captured his features and put him on blast. But his victim was taken to the emergency room bloodied with a concussion. Anytime Antifa has been involved, mass riots have broken out. The infamous Battle for Berkeley is one such instance where figures like Based Stickman and the Proud Boys have risen to public notoriety.  But as Antifa continues to show up with their masks, violence more than likely ensues to the point at which the President has labeled them as “domestic terrorists.”

Boots to the Ground

In the middle of the skirmishes, people using their phones and other video equipment to get on the ground reporting as they happen and it makes its way onto YouTube and other such platforms. One such reporter is Andy Ngo. If you don’t know Andy Ngo, he is a journalist and also editor-at-large for The Post Millennial, a news site. He is also a Vietnamese gay man.

On June 29th, 2019, Ngo was covering the Portland Proud Boys Prayer Rally when like clockwork, Antifa showed up.  But the trend as of that quarter for Leftist violence was milkshaking people. Remember when Brexit Party Leader Nigel Farage was out in public when someone threw a milkshake at him and the Left made it a thing? Like, remember this guy who put out a call to action to do so? Well, Antifa answered in kind and it got even worse than just milk, cream, sugar, flavoring, and whip cream.  The Left started to mix into their milkshake bombs some quick drying cement with their confectionary weapons. During the coverage, Antifa cornered Ngo and started milkshaking, silly stringing, as well as violently assaulting him. The Antifa milkshakes had the quick drying cement and that stuff is caustic to the skin. Now remember, Ngo is a gay Vietnamese man and a bunch of white liberals in black masks corner and assault him.

Facts Got Andy Ngo Banned from Twitter

The act didn’t stop Ngo as on the contrary, Ngo doubled down and continued his journalism and reporting. Leftists have all done what they can to shut him down from calling his “homophobic,” “fascistic,” “transphobic,” and “racist” just to name a few. But he hasn’t stopped and continues calling out incorrect points. One such action finally got him as he is currently suspended on Twitter. What was his crime? … calling out Chelsea Clinton when she tweeted out an incorrect statistic about trans-crimes. Ngo proceeded to provide facts that this is an incorrect statement and included the idea that black-on-black crime is far more dangerous and more numerous. Someone on Twitter didn’t like that and suspended him!

But the actual fact is, his response to Chelsea Clinton was factually accurate. Black-on-black crime is more numerous than trans-crimes. The most concerning thing now is Twitter’s engineerings are more SJW-like than anything else where they have apparently programmed “statistics and facts” to be considered “hate speech.” It is bad enough that people who make ironic and sarcastic tweets could be banned based on those programmed algorithms but when data points, numbers, statistics, and facts are programmed into those algorithms, that’s a big concern and that has been a major concern for conservatives. Quickly after Ngo’s Twitter suspension, the #resistance mob petitioned Patreon to remove Ngo, in addition to PayPal and Subscribe Star.

It is a deep seated concern because such actions could have dastardly effects on elections which shifts nations and so far, Twitter as well as other Big Tech companies are playing the cards very shifty. But to temporarily ban a journalist, that is another big concern and the fight here needs to keep these Big Tech companies in line with the Constitution. Seems like another hearing is in order because even the context of Ngo’s response to Clinton, facts are facts and Jack Dorsey can’t hide behind context and conversation any longer!

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