DOJ Sues Towing Company for Illegally Auctioning Marine’s Car

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Marine returns from two year overseas deployment to find car missing. She had continued to make her monthly car payments. Towing company had illegally impounded, auctioned her vehicle while she was away. Department of Justice sued them for violating the Servicemember's Civil Relief Act.

The Truth About Veteran Suicide

A crisis is looming large in the American veteran community. We can no longer turn a blind eye if we are to prevent neglect that leads to suicide.

My Personal Experience with the VA

The experience of one is not always indicative of others'. With the VA, it is different. Sadly, my VA experience is shared by many Disabled Veterans.

Veterans Day: A History of Remembrance

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Veterans Day commemorates our military men and women, those still with us and those that have passed, for keeping Americans safe and free. Thank you Veterans!

Breakdown: The Defeat of Kurdistan Maoists

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As American troops were moved out, they were scorned for abandoning allies. Turkey continued to move to defeat the “Maoists” of Kurdistan within the corridor.

5 First Ladies and Their War Zone Visits

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From Eleanor Roosevelt to Melania Trump, here are six first ladies which honored the tradition of first ladies visiting war zones. Michelle Obama never went.

Foreign Policy and the Big Picture of Syria

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Should America intervene in other countries’ problems. Should it focus entirely inwards to rebuild itself or should America look to fight in foreign conflicts?

Veterans Day Belongs to All Veterans

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History of Veterans Day We have been celebrating Veterans Day for 64 years since President Dwight D. Eisenhower changed the name from Armistice Day. Veterans Day is not to be…