Military Rape Revisited

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Veteran Nation is not going to stop on the reporting of the Marine, @gwotthot, from TikTok who shared her sexual assault publicly and how her Commanding General let her assaulter reenlist. The video has since been taken down very likely at the Marine Corps’ insistence, if not outright under an order or intimidation.

What has occurred is many inside the veteran communities have now begun to go through her social media posts and present things that she has posted in the past as part of a character assassination. This is wrong. This is the typical “blame the victim” that has been common throughout society whenever sexual assault is brought up.

The biggest problem in this story is the military not remaining true to its own tenets. Accountability is a term used often throughout the service. It’s how leaders lead. Yet this is a case where an individual is not being held accountable for heinous actions and there’s a large constituency within veterans ranks that are perfectly willing to look the other way. This is why there is a problem. Leaders need to hold others and they themselves be held accountable.

It is my hope that Veteran Nation along with many others can hold the Commanding General accountable since that General didn’t think accountability was important. Set the example and use this case as a way to do it.

M.T. Arthur
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