Rights or Rewards: Do Trans People Have a Right to Join the Military?

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Do We Really Deserve What We Want?

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There’s a global movement to diminish the boundaries between the rights one has as a human or citizen of a nation and the benefits and rewards of what one has earned by merit. The move towards Socialism and Communism is being inculcated among the masses as a means of obtaining that which one does not deserve or for which one has not labored to achieve. Of course, the globalists will promise anything as long as they themselves, the elite, profit. It does not matter to them whether they deliver on their promises or not.

The Seizure of Undeserved Rewards

The globalists promote the dismantling of the rights of a nation to maintain its sovereignty and to protect its borders and national identity. They usurp the rights of others in order to control and benefit from that which they have not produced and seize the rewards for which others have labored.

Some even join religious organizations even though they don’t share the same beliefs in an attempt to diversify the body of members. In doing so, they change both doctrine and faith.

Merit or Affirmative Action?

One can see in the implementation of the Affirmative Action initiatives that many who lack merit, education or experience still gain employment or promotion simply because of their ethnicity or color of their skin. This results in an unqualified employee or boss not equipped to lead. The outcome for such hirings are organizations that fails to accomplish goals, their target population, customers and employees they serve.

One may remember the Obama administration’s hiring of unqualified minorities as FAA Air Traffic Controllers while rejecting experienced and well trained applicants because they were white. This led to a potential danger to the public, aviation personnel and planes.

The Military: Strong, Capable and Qualified

Those who clamor to join the military, but lack qualifications cannot be allowed to lessen the level of competence needed for a well-prepared military because they feel left out. The military is only as strong as its weakest warrior and a weak link in the chain leads to loss of life in wartime and training. 

Those who wish to join the military must ask themselves this question: Why do I want to join? Is it to enjoy the educational benefits, get a paycheck and enjoy the company of others? Or is it because I have a calling to serve unselfishly, giving my life to serve my country and others. Even with the most altruistic of motives, some may not have the capabilities or qualify to join. 

Change Yourself!

“You must change yourself to meet Military standards and not the other way around” and “I say again: You don’t change the Military — you must change yourself.” 

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Trey Gowdy, Former U.S. Representative (R) SC

We all have a right to live, but what we choose to do with our lives and the resulting benefits and rewards comes with a price. Those who whine and complain likely wouldn’t make it in the rigorous, demanding lifestyle needed to serve. If we want to reap the rewards, we must be willing to pay the price of work and sacrifice to be worthy of the honor of serving our country and giving up our personal desires to be the men and women on whom the country depends. As Gowdy said, “No one has a right to serve in the military.” Are you capable and worthy?

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