The Death of New York City

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New York may have seen its best days. Lockdowns, riots, and skyrocketing crime signal loss of businesses, residents, tax base and visitors.

Medical Debt Plagues the US

Medical debt comprises about half of all debt affecting consumers and their credit score and is one of the greatest causes of debt in the US.

Time to Give American Samoans US Citizenship

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American Samoans have a second-class status as Americans, can’t vote in US elections, and can’t run for office. It’s time to change this American “caste system."

Year of the Boomerang

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Democrats have constantly tried to destroy President Trump, but instead end up looking stupid. Pretty soon, it’s all going to come back to haunt them.

The Party of Welfare Is Just Getting Started

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The welfare party is now digging into American society, and is an unaffordable government tool that distorts and diminishes the free market and individualism.

Reddit-Style Free Speech: Quarantine

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The revamped "Quarantine Function" suppresses free speech on Reddit... On Thursday, September 27th, the Reddit admins quarantined a number of subreddits to go along with its revamping of the Quarantine…

Caging Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to Testify

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Free Speech Is Under Attack Over the course of the last few months, from Facebook working with Chinese companies to give them data access, to the banning of Alex Jones…

Infowars Content Removed As Tech Giants Muzzle Alex Jones

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Alex Jones Is Being Censored Alex Jones and his flagship Infowars have been removed from Apple, YouTube, and Facebook. The move to de-platform Jones became official Monday as…