Here’s What You’re Missing About Voter Fraud

How the Media is Keeping Your Focus on the Wrong Aspects of Voter Fraud

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If this was 1865 and we were getting ready to use mail in ballots for the first time, I would be greatly concerned about the government harvesting millions of fictitious votes to counterbalance the votes of patriotic Americans on both sides of the aisle. However, this is not 1865. We have procedural safeguards in place to ensure that voting by mail is legitimate, at least as legitimate as any other part of our broken voting system.

The media wants people to stay focused on the mail-in ballot situation because it is a red herring. Yes, there will be some fraud in this system. However, the fraud in vote-by-mail systems is generally much lower than other fraud-ridden mechanisms like early voting, voting without ID, busing in out-of-state voters, and busing of the elderly. The shell game of the mail-in voting conspiracy also distracts focus from entities such as Russia and China meddling in our elections. While we are focused on which shell the ball is under, we are having our pockets picked by the magician’s accomplices.

A Good Magician Always Keeps You Looking the Other Direction

Early voting is one of the most corrupt systems in the United States today. Democrats have long lauded that it increased voter turnout because it does not force people to take off work. This key argument of the system has been proven false, time and time again. According to the Daily Signal, more and more cases of voter fraud are being proven in the United States. This fraud is being facilitated heavily by early voting where it is harder to police the system for a long period of time.

The Fix: Election Day is the day that elections are supposed to take place. No votes collected in early voting should count for any federal election in the United States. Studies have shown that early voting decreases turn out and increase the cost to both the states and the campaigns. It was an experiment and it has failed. To offset the limited advantage of early voting by people who do not have to take off work, election day (both primary and national) should become a national holiday, replacing the bank holidays of Columbus Day and Martin Luther King Day. I have nothing against either of these guys and we do not need holidays celebrating individuals. Further, all primary elections should be on the same day to facilitate accurate vote counts.

The Art of Deception: Voting Without IDs

One of the greatest scams we have seen in the world today is the idea that it is ‘racist’ to require an ID to vote. You need an ID to use a credit card, buy booze, collect unemployment, make a deposit at a bank, drive, enter some facilities, and a dozen other things, but according to some it is ‘racist’ to require a person to have an ID to vote. The only reason for that argument is to protect fraud. Those that promote voting without a voter ID are enabling fraud.

However, those in the conservative movement are losing their minds over voting by mail, although we have been doing it for nearly 180 years. Meanwhile, they have lost their focus on bringing voter ID to the mainstream. The Democrat/Socialist operatives who rely on voter fraud to win have got to be rubbing their hands in delight right now, looking at how stupid we are for ignoring the real issue here.

The Fix: Every American must register for selective service when they turn 18. During this process they are given an ID, which they can use to vote. This eliminates the sexism of the current selective service system and gives everyone an ID to vote. A recent study by VOX (and we all know how conservative they are) shows that voter ID does not lower voter turnout. As voting is our duty as Americans, we should show who is actually doing their duty.

Packing the House: Busing in the Elderly

One trick that bad magicians use to make their shows better is to ‘pack the house.’ They fill the house with relatives, friends, and even rubes off the street to fill the first rows of the room so no one can see what they are doing. In a similar vein, both political parties bus those with questionable mental abilities from nursing homes and hospitals to polling places to increase their numbers. Helping the elderly vote is not a problem. We should be helping them.

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The issues arises when parties bus people who could not have made it on their own and they send a ‘helper’ along with them. This is the person that goes into the booth with them to help them cast their votes. Here is one of the places where voter fraud takes place. As a case in point, in the 2012 election, I had a woman call me who said she wanted to vote for me, even though I was a Republican. She said that when she went into the voter booth, her ‘helper’ clicked a straight democrat ticket. When she complained, they just rushed her back onto the bus.

The Fix: Have poll watchers help the elderly vote. Allowing political party operatives help the elderly vote is like allowing the kids to watch the cookie jar. They are going to exploit it. We need to make sure that the elderly have the opportunity to exercise their right to vote, but we also need to ensure that the elderly get to vote for the people for whom they want to vote. Political operatives should not be allowed in the election room other than to cast their own ballot.

The Grand Finale: The Show Stopper

While we are arguing about mail in ballots, the main event of the voter fraud show is already starting: interference in the election! The lights have been dimmed and a hush has fallen over the crowd. Russia, China, and even our own media are picking our pockets while we are focused on the waving hands of the talking heads. We are being played yet we stand up to cheer because we feel like we are part of a solution.

We know that Russia and China are interfering in the election. However, the Democrats accuse them of helping Republicans and the Republicans accuse the spies of helping the Democrats. News flash! Neither country cares who wins, they just want us fighting with each other so we are not watching what they are doing! Likewise, the media in the United States wants people arguing among themselves. If you are arguing with your friend about politics, then you are watching what they want you to watch. Polls, pundits and predictions are all a scam to keep people worried about what is going to happen and to make them think they do not have any control. You do have control and it’s called voting.

The Fix: In regards to foreign election interference, we have the problem of bad actors using private platforms to attack our elections. This is a problem that is not easy to fix. Shutting off access in these countries could be a solution but that would discriminate against millions of people who are not part of the problem. Technologically, limiting access for those outsiders who have the tools to access it might be impossible.

A more realistic approach would be to require that all political ads and funding be limited to the district in which the race is happening. All money for PA 14 must come from district PA 14, no exceptions. This would limit fraud and outside interference such as when the big money guys pay off the local politicians and judges. Likewise, all advertisements, specifically on social media, must be geofenced to a specific region. This would allow for less international interference in the election.

Media interference is the reason we need to limit elections to two days a year (with exceptions for special elections). The media has created a giant business out of keeping the political campaigns going every day of every week of every year. Elections should be held on just two days a year. Election Day should be a nationwide holiday and campaigns should not be allowed to campaign more than 5 weeks before each election. Let’s limit it to 12 annoying weeks each year and move past this idiocracy.

Mail-in Voting

Will there be fraud from mail-in voting? Yes. Will it be the be-all and end-all that the media is making it out to be? Probably not. You will see more Democrat cheating with dead voters than you will see with mail-in voting. Still, we will hear mail-in voting lauded as the greatest threat since Coronavirus, plague squirrels, murder hornets, or whatever else the media is shilling for on any given day.

If we are going to take our country back, we need to focus on taking our voting system back. Giving IDs to eligible voters to vote two days each election year is much more effective than trying to police polling places for two weeks at a clip on random dates around the country. Now that the police in many areas have their hands tied, any effort to police the polling stations will be even more challenging.

As a final note, we must end unethical and non-scientifically conducted polling in the mainstream media. A poll of 1,000 registered voters in any race with more than 10,000 voters is useless. We are a heterogeneous society and we need to start understanding that we cannot oversimplify the human condition. During national races, there should be no polls surveying under one million people. During state races, no polls should survey less than 100,000 people. If we are going to have polls, lets make them statistically legitimate! Only then will faith in the voting system start on the road to recovery.

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