Going for Accuracy: Trump and the US Census Citizenship Question

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Trump’s Apparent Capitulation on the Census Question and the Reality of Federal Record Keeping

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Anything that the government gets involved with, it fails at. The only exception to this age-old rule is at record keeping. For any fact of whatever relevance to this nation, there is a person in a cubical in some non-descript government building that has build a career, a pension and a life over storing data on the minuscule. Kennedy, and Moss (2015) conducted a study that looked at how “less privacy, more surveillance, and social discrimination” were part of the new regime of data collection and the government needs to be more involved with “agency, reflexivity, and transparency.” With all of the uproar about the social media giants Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter collecting personal data, how is society overlooking that terabytes of data were turned over to the government during the investigation of the social media giants.

Trump Will Get the Illegal Alien Count From “Existing Databases”

According to the Washington Post: “President Donald Trump abandoned his controversial bid to inject a citizenship question into next year’s census Thursday, instead directing federal agencies to try to compile the information using existing databases.”

Backing down from the census question was a calculated move by the President of the United States. With the courts challenging the government’s explanation of why they needed the question, not the question itself, the court opened the door that it was “an interest of import” to the United States Government. Because the Department of Commerce is entrusted to report the number of person’s in each state; however, as it is written there is a question of whether illegal aliens are to be counted (since Native Americans who are untaxed are not counted and they are here legally) (2 U.S. C §2a). 

This means that should the Department of Commerce have additional information housed in other Departments of the government. They could provide a report which states the number of citizens (est) and the number of illegal immigrants (est) and the number of legal immigrants (est), to which the President of the United States could determine who would be included in his report to Congress and how it should be phrased. Congress, then, would be forced to apportion members of Congress based on the number of citizens v. the number of non-citizens – which if they continued the current practice from the Obama regime, would result in the people removing Congress from office.

It’s About the Rule of Law and Resources

It is time that we, as a people demand that Congress quit pandering to the extreme Left and their idea that the United States should be dissolved through open borders and should de-criminalize everything. The United States is a country of opportunity, but for every illegal immigrant that we allow to stay in this country, resources are taken away from a person who is trying to come into the country legally. Some of the staunchest advocates I know for better border security are the people who came here legally. They put in the time, sweat, and hard work to make a better life for themselves and their families and for a person to commit a crime to become a citizen of the United States is offensive to all people who came here legally.

America is a nation of laws, and under law we need to know who is here legally and illegally. The president is fully within his duty to deport those who are here illegally – and he can only do that if he knows who they are. That was the answer that the Department of Commerce should have given the court.

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