Joe Biden
CNN Guest Torches Biden For 66 Seconds

A CNN panel didn't know what hit them when a Republican guest torched Joe Biden for a full minute.

Bannon: Biden Will Be Impeached Over Border Crisis

Steve Bannon predicts an impeachment of Joe Biden.

Psaki Torched By Reporter After Dodging Questions

A New York Post reporter didn't let Psaki get away with dodging his question.

Biden Throws Another $308 Million at Talibanistan, U.N. Wants $4.4 Billion

No, we haven’t withdrawn from Afghanistan. Biden retreated humiliatingly under fire while leaving Americans behind and dispatching insanely massive amounts ...

Hillary 2024 Could Be In The Works

Could the third time be the charm for Hillary Clinton?

Psaki Explodes At Criticism Of Biden’s Statement

Jen Psaki exploded over criticism lobbed at her boss.

Biden ‘Insulted’ When Asked About Stacy Abrams

Joe Biden snapped at a reporter who asked him about Stacy Abrams.

Trump Claps Back At Biden After Speech

President Trump wasted no time responding to Joe Biden's latest insults.

Palin Urges Conservatives To Get Involved: ‘It’s Too Late’ To Reason With Biden

Sarah Palin says "It's too late" to reason with Joe Biden.

62 Percent Of Biden Voters Do Not Want Him To Run In 2024

Joe Biden's approval ratings have cratered, along with his 2024 odds.

MSNBC Urges FBI Investigation After Caller Insults Biden

MSNBC does not approve of insulting presidents who are not named Donald Trump.

Inspection Of Dominion Voting Machines In Pennsylvania

In a huge win for election integrity, a Pennsylvania court is allowing an inspection of Dominion voting machines.

The Biden Administration’s Truly Ominous Christmas Wish List for America

The whole controversy over the vaccines, after all, is one of credibility. Biden’s handlers insist the vaccines are safe, yet there is growing evidence that ...

CNN Dumps Joe, Offers List of 11 Democrats Who Could Replace Him in 2024

Old Joe Biden’s poll numbers are horrifying, if you’re Old Joe Biden, or an affirmation of the common sense of Americans, if you’re anyone else. But the ...

New Yorkers Cheer For Brandon On Live TV

A fed up New York crowd yelled "F*** Joe Biden!" during a live television broadcast.

Former White House Advisor Says Biden Should Be Impeached

A former White House advisor says Joe Biden should be impeached. Here's why.

Huge Number Of House Democrats Not Seeking Re-Election

Many House Democrats will not seek re-election in the midterms.

Investigators Issue Search Warrant In Alec Baldwin Case

A search warrant has been issued for Alec Baldwin's phone.

Where Are You, Kamala Harris?

Kamala Harris is MIA and Fox News hosts are trying to figure out why.

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