Biden’s approval numbers are so low even Democrats are worried

Democrats’ worst nightmare: Biden’s latest approval ratings

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RealClearPolitics reports that Joe Biden’s approval rating hit a record low, falling below 38 percent for the first time since he assumed office.

How is Biden reacting to his steadily declining popularity ratings? By doing what he usually does in circumstances like these: attacking conservatives.

Biden now likes to use the phrase ‘ultra-MAGA.’ “Let me tell you about this ultra-MAGA agenda,” Biden groused during an early May speech on the economy. “It’s excessive, like most MAGA things are.”

Even the media notices

Even the mainstream media has notice. “The White House works aggressively to paint Republicans and their policies as an ‘ultra MAGA agenda’ in a push to overcome the president’s brutal approval ratings and voters’ frustration with high inflation to help Democrats maintain control of Congress,” USA Today wrote.

Poll numbers have not shown any improvement for Democrats since Roe v Wade was overturned last week, proving that the issue will probably not weigh heavily on the minds of voters in November.

It remains to be seen how Biden’s low polling numbers will impact down-ballot races.

Rebecca Horvath
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