Leftists/Democrats Attempt “Reinvention” of Biden Speech

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With clockwork predictability, the hard-left Biden Cabal is currently mobilizing its forces to resurrect the narrative of hate and rancor that appalled every decent American barely two weeks ago when Ol’ Joe delivered a venomous and deliberately divisive speech in Philadelphia, attacking his political opposition, Real America. The goal was to marginalize, intimidate, and silence those who refuse to accept the Biden Cabal as “legitimate,” after watching the flagrant election theft of November 2020, followed ever since by the counterfeit “presidency” of a near babbling sock puppet, in the person of Joe Biden.

Their scam didn’t work. The American people immediately reacted to the speech with outrage and resolve, which they widely expressed, with condemnation of efforts to denigrate worthy political opposition to the onslaught of the Biden Cabal, and its consistently disastrous policy decisions. Clearly, the agenda of this illicit administration is not in the best interests of America. Rather, as was the case during the Obama years, an effort is underway to inflict as much harm as possible on the Nation. Nothing else could explain the nightmarish manner in which our Country has been “fundamentally transformed” from its flourishing and free condition, prior to the curiously timed “pandemic” hysteria and “racial” chaos of the 2020 election cycle.

So immediately indignant and vocal were Americans in the wake of the Biden speech that Ol’ Joe was sent out to do a “mea culpa” the very next morning. With typical detachment from reality, he proceeded to deny the things he said, and which the entire Nation witnessed, only hours prior. Attempting to characterize decent citizens of this Country as “a threat to democracy,” unless they acquiesce to the leftist/Democrat version of the stolen 2020 election as “the most secure election in history,” the goal of the Biden Cabal was clearly to threaten and intimidate real Patriots into silence. In the short term at least, this effort failed miserably.

Nevertheless, the black eye which the Biden Cabal delivered to itself does not, by any means, represent “game, set, and match.” Leftists do not stand down, and their dirty tricks do not end, simply because they are called out for their despicable actions. One would have to possess a reasonable conscience and a sense of shame to back off at that point. Neither quality is compatible with leftist ideology. And the sooner our side recognizes this ugly reality, the better equipped we will be to properly engage and confront the leftist monster.

So although Conservatives/Patriots would have quickly recanted, had they been called out for such an egregious and undeserved attack on their fellow citizens, the responses of leftists, both short and long term, will be much different. Despite their early efforts at “damage control” in the midst of backlash on the morning after, they are clearly regrouping and, with the passage of only a few days, are attempting to recast the entire episode, from start to finish, in a manner that places them once again on their phony “moral high ground.” A few noteworthy examples reveal both their duplicity, and their absolute lack of shame or conscience in attempting to create a huge chasm between the nearly soulless minions they hope to keep in their corner, as opposed to the rest of the Country.

Less than a week after the venomous speech, Biden was once more excoriating supporters of President Trump, referencing the worn out and thoroughly discredited Charlottesville lie of five years ago, in which President Trump was maliciously accused of lauding white supremacists as “good people.” And a similarly repulsive litany was repeated on September 11, in a “commemorative” speech. In every case, the goal is to embarrass Conservatives, and thus relegate them to the “fringe,” per the filthy tactics of leftist radical Saul Alinsky.

That same day, Kamala Harris addressed a gathering in Boston, where she claimed Joe Biden to be a “healer and uniter,” and then trotted out the fraudulent accusation of efforts to ensure proper identification of voters as denying them their “rights.” Here again, leftists/Democrats and all their election fraud are asserted as the great builders of a new American Ideal, while those on the Right who seek honesty and accountability pose a threat to the Nation on the order of mass murdering islamic terrorists.

In Florida, RINO turned Democrat Charlie Crist declared himself to be “So (expletive) proud” of Biden for the venom laced rant. Crist claimed Biden “Told it straight,” and that “democracy is at risk,” on account of those Americans who want to see elections conducted with integrity. Aiming his barbs at Florida’s current Governor, Ron DeSantis, and also at every American who dares to doubt the flagrant crimes and vote fraud of the 2020 election, Crist seeks to win the approval of a majority of Florida voters by fanning flames of discord and ideological condemnation of any who aren’t out on his fringe, in the same manner as the Democrats have done nationally in recent years. And while castigating President Trump and his supporters, Crist grovels before Ol’ Joe as the “best president of my lifetime.”

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The near robotic ramblings of Biden, along with the glaring absurdity of Harris and Crist, while characteristically buffoonish, prove that the left is not backing away from its narrative. It cannot win in a flourishing Nation of honest, functioning citizens. Historically, it has never been able to do so. Instead, it must foment dishonesty and dysfunction, in hopes that it can prevail in the midst of the resulting chaos, fear, and despair. The rampant inflation and shortages suffered by Americans are hardly coincidental, but reflect the best chances of the leftists to stampede cowardly and gullible voters into begging for the empty promises of “security” and meager existence at the hands of Democrats.

As always, the “good news” is that such tactics, while thoroughly abominable, are inherently fragile and susceptible to straightforward rebuttals. Bluntly calling out the leftists for their toxicity and instead pursuing the “traditional” worthy goals for the Nation, despite leftist disparagement, is the best course, and thus the one they fear most. Truth is still the greatest weapon America has against this malignancy in its midst.

Christopher G. Adamo
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