What’s the Buzz?: Hollyweirdos(and Joy Reid)!

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Hollyweirdos are popping up all over the Twittersphere, spreading disinformation and TDS far and wide about one key date. Only one problem with that.

Again, Why Do We Care?

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  • Reading time:8 mins read

Hollywood elitists have been and will continue to use every pulpit we give them to preach down to us, the common American. We need to look at them as the jesters they really are.

Do Not Take Relationship Advice from Hollywood

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  • Reading time:4 mins read

It’s probably best not to take relationship advice from Hollywood, as the elites are morally bankrupt when it comes to any kind of relationship.

Ultimate Penalty of Death and Pedophile Hollywood

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  • Reading time:11 mins read

Pedophiles and sex traffickers have been given way too lenient a sentence in America, especially the rich and powerful ones. It's time to change that. Death?