Hollywood Has a Weird Reaction to Jeffrey Epstein’s 2nd Arrest

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They All Know Something

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It’s Harvey Weinstein all over again. Jeffrey Epstein was found out, and was arrested Saturday evening in New York on child sex trafficking charges. And for the second time, Hollywood had one hell of a weird reaction. They knew – all of them knew what Jeffrey Epstein was, and what a lot of powerful people are – and they knew it for a while. And just as with Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein was insulated and protected by those who craved his billions. 

Christine Pelosi had a shocking tweet right after Epstein’s arrest. Check this out.

“Some of our faves might be implicated.” Alyssa Milano retweeted Christine Pelosi with a statement that showed definitively that she knows something. 

The tweets of just these two well known women show they knew something about the Epstein case, just as they and others knew about the Harvey Weinstein case. Notice in Pelosi’s tweet, the use of the hashtag #MeToo. That hashtag, if you will remember right, was started by Hollywood superstars right after authorities arrested Harvey Weinstein. Along with a newly acquired penchant for wearing black.

Hollywood Whistleblowing for Years

Corey Feldman has long been blowing the whistle on Hollywood, as have a number of his fellow child actors. Pedophelia has been rumored a common practice among such powerful as Weinstein for decades. And with as close as people such as Bette Midler, of late a rather ribald character on Twitter, and the Grande Dame Herself, Meryl Streep were to Weinstein, they had to have known. And Oprah Winfrey was proven to have supplied young ladies to Weinstein, often being photographed on his couch with the under-aged girls. 

Hollywood knew.

Now this new thing comes out with Jeffrey Epstein which really isn’t all that new, as he has been long thought to have gotten away with over 35 counts of molestation against young girls, among other charges. And these ladies are chattering quite nervously about “oh well, our favorites might be scooped up for this, but remember….” They are acting exactly the way they acted when Weinsteins case broke. The very moment when the #MeToo hashtag was created and the #TimesUp movement was started. 

The very same movements that were wreaking havoc on white (mostly Trump supporting) males are about to rear their ugly heads again. Because it is all about the look for Hollywood. They need to look indignant and righteous. They need to look like they are championing a cause. They need to look innocent. 

Time to Deflect and Distance Themselves

Except they are not. It is already being reported by Fox News that Bill Clinton flew on the Lolita Express way more times than were previously alleged. How does the Left counter it? They send folks like Rob Renier to “implicate” the president and people close to him in an already debunked scam in which they supposedly interacted with Epstein in accordance with his activities. Now it is time to paint the president as someone who participated in the sick acts of these degenerate child molesters.

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And one cannot say enough about the hundreds, maybe thousands, of other actors, politicians, sports stars, and others that know or may know (and perhaps participated). Tweets like Reneir’s serve only to distract those still willing to believe in Hollywood’s immortal glitter; those who are so desperate to keep things the way they were back when Hollywood was pure and dictated moral virtue.

“I Freaking Told You So”

But Saturday is a day that will live on for the victory that finally came to children who have been immeasurably harmed by these sick pedophilic monsters. That is a day when those who knew and did sound the whistle numerous times can look the public right in their shock benumbed faces and say “I told you so! I FREAKING told you so. And you refused to believe.”

Because that is what the public at large has done. They have allowed their favorite propagandists lull them into the peaceful slumber sheep enjoy, while their wolfish handlers prey on the young and vulnerable in many sickening and frightening ways. Although the war is not over, one small victory lap should be allowed for these tortured souls who knew so much and were greeted with the deaf ears of a Hollywood enraptured public. The question at the moment is, “What now?”

Because despite what the mainstream media tells you, I can say with the certainty of a survivor of pedophelia, that it is not a harmless thing. That it really does hurt the child it is inflicted on. It really does shatter lives and force the way too young to piece an existence back together which somewhat resembles normalcy. And it must end. 

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