Star Wars Heartbreak: SJWs Whine as Rose is Gone

Cinematic Disappointment

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“That’s how we’re gonna win. Not fighting what we hate. Saving what we love.” Now, if you heard that line, you would know that it came from Rose Tico, one of the most questionable characters in the Star Wars universe, other than Jar Jar Binks. If you don’t know Rose Tico, she’s the token Asian female character in the new Star Wars sequels, most notably recognized in the Rian Johnson subversion film fail known as “The Last Jedi,” Episode Nine of the new Disney Star Wars trilogy.

That particular quote was during the final act of the movie, when the First Order encroaches upon the remnants of the Resistance. Finn, in an act of heroism, makes a kamikaze run at the First Order’s weapon, a laser battering ram that is as powerful as the Death Star. It would have been a fantastic character development moment for Finn to give his life for the cause of the Resistance, so that Leia and the rest could survive.

In typical Rian Johnson fashion, the “subversion” card is played, yet again, and Rose instead plows into Finn at the last second and then drops the line after all is said and done. With a lackluster kiss, Rose passes out as the walkers approach. Cinematics aside, the scene plays out fully in an apparent ridiculous nature and hailed Rose as a hero.

A Few Years Later

It is typical that after the release of “The Last Jedi” that fans, both old and new, cringe at this movie. Long time Star Wars fans feel a shiver up their spine, as the movie is a slap in the face at some of their beloved characters. There is a lot of talk about how Luke Skywalker was bastardized into a useless, old, powerless recluse, and not presented as the Jedi Master he should be known for. The movie also turned Rey into a “Mary Sue,” who apparently needed no training in the ways of the Force, and even bested Luke flippin’ Skywalker, who took down the Empire.

The feature is riddled with an ultra feminist narrative, and basically bent the universe and all the laws therein to support the starring women in the movie. New fans who appreciated the last six movies felt a wave of confusion without understanding the lore that was already established. And it showed in the numbers posthumously.

After two years, Rotten Tomatoes still believes in the movie, as authorized critics gave this movie a 91 percent. The audience score has it at 44 percent. When DVD and Blu-Ray sales numbers were released in June of 2018, the sales rate of the movie was half that of the previous Star Wars episode, “The Force Awakens,” a 57% drop comparatively


While the media and other social justice figure heads continue to push the narrative of it being a phenomenal movie, Disney decided that Rose would not be a part of the next installment. If a good gauge on how a movie is received is based on the sales numbers, then “The Last Jedi” DVD and Blu-Ray sales should be an indicator that people didn’t like it.

We can also take a look at the sales of the movie’s toys because movies cater to children, especially when it comes to movies like “Star Wars.” The clothes and toys are where you make some of the biggest profit margins regarding your products. Suffice to say, toy sales are not doing so good with the “Star Wars” franchise. Some on Reddit have showed pictures of the Rose Tico action figure still in high inventory and on clearance. Ouch!

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The ball dropped when t-shirts of the upcoming “Rise of Skywalker” were missing a certain Asian girl. Many touted her to be a central character in the eighth episode “The Last Jedi,” where she played a “pivotal role” in the movie.

But many would argue and have asserted that she absolutely ruined the movie, so badly that the “Rose Tico” actor, Kelly Marie Tran was allegedly harassed (although, the “harassment” should have been directed at the writers and not the actress, though I do not condone harassment of any kind!) and left all her social media. But the fact that Rose was not included in the merchandise visuals has social justice warriors and Lucasfilm shills popularizing the hashtag #WheresRose on Twitter.  

So many SJWs are now turning on Lucasfilm for removing Rose from the character line up. These people are crying about how Lucasfilm isn’t woke at all for removing a money-vacuum character like Rose. They are seriously shedding tears! Go and check it out for yourselves and listen! You can hear the screams and the “reee!” from your computers.

Listen to the Whining and Enjoy!

What is so hilarious about all of this is how hypocritical these folks are. You can literally put money on it that none of the SJW shills even own a Rose Tico action figure. This makes it quite clear that SJWs do not support any business model presented. All they essentially do is whine, moan, gripe, and cause an uproar about “representation” and “diversity” and “being woke. They won’t use their own hard earned money to practice what they preach. It’s a pretty general guarantee they don’t own a copy of “Rich Crazy Asians” or “Slumdog Millionaire,” and they don’t have the Rose Tico action figure. And the biggest whiners in all of this are white Liberals.

So the next time you encounter a discussion about “diversity” with these folks, ask them: “Alright, do you have a Rose Tico action figure if you’re all about diversity and representation?” But you will likely be called a racist sexist, thereby proving your point! Jeremy of Geeks and Gamers will agree with you!

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