SJW Outrage! Joker Smashes Box Office Expectations

Numbers Don’t Lie

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If you haven’t seen it, you are probably waiting to see if it’s worth watching. We released a review regarding the infamous villain prequel of how Batman’s arch nemesis the Joker came to be, and now there is a whole other screeching event happening amid the rising positive numbers of ticket sales. It is the outrage mob of social justice warriors backed by the media machine, wasting law enforcement resources and fear mongering, which might be the cause of hesitation. A good word of note before making a decision to watch this movie: ignore the SJWs and the media and go see it!

With the opening weekend of Joaquin Phoenix’ masterful interpretation of the Joker, many are seeing this with excited dread and fearful caution. Excited dread creeps up as people try not to interject the iconic Heath Ledger performance with Joaquin Phoenix’s take on the character. Take our word for it, Joaquin does a marvelous job portraying the mental degradation of the character to become what we know and..appreciate him to be today.

By the time of this article writing, the movie’s opening weekend garnered well over $95 million, making it the number one movie in the states with global numbers yet to be released as the movie makes its way across international borders. This movie even overtook “Downton Abbey!” And Joker was expected to not make as much as what was projected.

Leading Up to the Release

If you have not been paying attention to the hurricane surrounding the movie, there was an overwhelming concern about it.  Many who have seen the trailer from SJW figureheads and the media machine all have basically said the same thing. This movie is going to be the catalyst that gives the green light for an incel psychopath to walk into a movie theater and shoot up the place. The story of the Joker from this movie’s perspective is just that, a loner, mentally unstable, emotionally crippled, a single guy who snaps and becomes an emotionless force of nature. And the media has been in a tailspin regarding this movie.

SJWs go full stupid and say that this glamorizes the danger that straight white males will create while the media backs this ridiculous statement. It got so bad that law enforcement officials decided to cater to the media outrage and post patrol cars outside of movie theaters. Movie theaters that would never have the police even pass by all of a sudden have multiple units parked out front just in case a possible threat occurs.

There is something to be said for stopping a possible threat. But a possible unconfirmed threat, when it is drummed up to be nothing more than nonsense that is parroted by SJW’s and the media, is nothing more than a waste of valuable resources and time and gives police officers the short end of the stick.

The More They Cry, the More We Dissent

If the last few years should tell us anything, we should stop listening to SJWs and the media. Part of the effort to squelch the stupidity is when the media rails at something and echoes the SJW rhetoric, we should, as normies, do the exact opposite. Take for instance the Covington kids. As soon as this story took to social media, Lefties started crying about “white supremacy” and “racism.” As soon as more evidence showed up, it proved the exact opposite. Obviously, none of the accusers of the Covington kids owned up to the mistake, handled it irresponsibly, and definitely didn’t offer to recant or apologize.

What was even more pathetic was that some actually doubled down, like NBC’s resident man hating hag Samantha Guthrie, who interviewed Nick Sandmann and said on live TV, “There is something aggressive about you standing there.”  Yes, she did say that. Or when we see Rotten Tomato throttle the rating system for Captain Marvel because “muh feminism.” And again, when Rotten Tomatoes “authorized” critics to give the latest Chapelle Netflix special a rating of 30 something percent, even though the audience score gave it a 99 percent rating. 

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The lesson here is that when the SJWs cry about something and tell the media not go with it and they listen, we should do the exact opposite, or at least wait 24 to 48 hours before making a decision, just like the Covington incident and just like Jussie Smollet (Joosy Smollay as Dave Chapelle would say).

When the SJWs make a pre-emptive uproar, say with the Joker movie as the media cow tails to them, we should simply make the statement with our wallets. We should tell them that they do not control how we spend our money or our time, and that we will do what we want and how we want to do it. It is literally the epitome of living out the constitutional freedom we are afforded.

We should dissent from the SJW and media authoritarian machine with what we choose to want to watch. If they made an uproar about this new Joker movie, then the best thing we can do is go watch it. This gives permission to the general public that, “No, the media and the SJWs do not control you!” Geeks and Gamer’s very own Odin even goes so far as to believe the media should be sued. Here is his take on it.

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