Ultimate Penalty of Death and Pedophile Hollywood

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A Conversation Needed About Pedophiles and the Death Penalty

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There comes a time in the course of human events when society must discuss an issue or be consumed by it. Now that the Trump administration has just brought back the federal death penalty after 16 year lapse, now let’s discuss Hollywood’s pedophilia. Crimes such as pedophilia, human trafficking, and child pornography are offensive to the collective consciousness. So much so, that they should join slavery, treason, and terrorism as crimes that humanity universally abhors. Our nation is at a moral crossroads. 

Everyone wants to take the moral high ground, but few want to take a stand and press our elected representatives to do something to correct the problem. The list of perverts who are associated with Jeffery Epstein is growing. Society must decide how to deal with the issue of millionaires and billionaires who are repeat sex offenders. This decision is a problematic quandary.

Always a Last Resort

The use of the death penalty, and make no mistake; this is what we are suggesting, should always be a last resort. However, because of the politics and the profits involved, the traditional legal system has failed us- therefore, we must begin looking for new ways to deal with this problem. The first challenge that we expect is, “The United States legal system, and its system of punishments, has been effective in dealing with crime for nearly 250 years- why should it be changed because of the present situation?”

This argument will undoubtedly be coupled with, “We cannot treat these people different because they are wealthy, they deserve the same set of laws as everyone else.” Fortunately, both of these statements are true. The United States legal system, which is continually evolving, has been keeping us safe for nearly 250 years. The reason that it functions the so well is that we, as a nation, are willing to change the laws when they are not protecting a particular segment of the population.

No One Should Be Above the Law

As a result, Congress needs to update the laws to overcome the failing legal precedent around sex crimes in our country.  The second statement is also true; we should not be singling people out because they are wealthy, much to the contrary, what we are proposing here is that anyone who rapes children or participates in sex trafficking should be if convicted by a jury, put to death. Whether priest or parolee, wealthy or pauper, well-liked or most hated- no one should be above the law, and no one should be able to buy their way out of just punishment.

Why is this needed? The system is failing people in this area. Even though Jeffery Epstein is a known and registered sex offender, the media still denotes him as “accused Sex offender Jeffery Epstein.”  Epstein pled guilty to recruiting dozens of underage girls, the youngest of whom was 13 years old, for sexual activities and sex at his mansion in Palm Beach, Fl. Because of his billions of dollars in the bank, he served on 13 months in county jail, most of which he was allowed to go out on a “work release program.”

Way Too Many Examples

Another wealthy denizen, who is an example of how the current legal system is failing people is R. Kelly. Though the courts acquitted him in 2008 of child pornography, the victim in the video (which shows R. Kelly urinating and performing sexual acts on a girl who appears to be underage) has now come forward to cooperate with federal prosecutors in his newest round of child sexual abuse cases.

Our nation is at a moral crossroads. 

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Since the trial began in 2008, the media has accused R. Kelly of using “hush money” to cover up the crimes, starting a relationship with a 14-year old that he met outside of the courthouse, and even plotting to kill the woman who testified against him in the 2008 case. Now, 11 years later, R. Kelly is once again arrested on Child Pornography charges, this time in New York and Chicago.  In the bail hearing, in which a judge denied bail, prosecutors noted to the judge, “We’re talking about seventh and eighth-grade girls.”

A third example is George Nader, baseman of Muller Investigation fame. Nader is accused of transporting underage boys to the United States for sexual acts.  Once again, we see a billionaire with high-level political connections, who is a registered sex offender, trafficking young children for use in sexual activities and child pornography.  Once again, we see a time where the system failed, and children became the victims.

#MeToo Support?

The current system is not working.  While sex offenders generally have a low recidivism rate, we need to remember that “sex offenders” often include college students streaking, people caught having consensual sex in public, or even people urinating outside of a bar.  When statisticians remove these minor offenses, the rate of recidivism can skyrocket up to 80%, according to Supreme Court Justice Kennedy.  Understanding that the inclusion of minor crimes (listed above) with human rights violations, such as rape, child pornography, and sex trafficking skews the results to look like “repeat sexual offenders” are not a significant problem in society. 

When the kid gets caught streaking, he or she learns her lesson; when the couple gets caught in the back seat of their car- they generally are embarrassed and do not do it again. When the drunk gets caught peeing outside- they tend to learn their lesson and learn to find a bathroom. However, we are seeing a disturbing trend where not only are these wealthy and celebrity pedophiles repeating their crimes; there is a massive groundswell of support for them from the #metoo crowd in Hollywood.

Compassion is Defending the Defenseless

One of the biggest criticisms of using the death penalty in this area is that we need to be a compassionate society and that it is not Christian to use the death penalty.  Compassion is taking care of the people who did not have a choice or had their choice taken from them by someone with money and power. Compassion is not giving someone a free pass because they are rich, are famous or because they have powerful friends. 

As to the question of whether it is “Christian” to support the death penalty, Christ even said (in Matthew 18:6 and Luke 17:2) that it would be better to have a millstone tied around someone’s neck who screws with children and then throw them into the sea than for the divine punishment that he has waiting for pedophiles, child abusers and sex trafficking in the afterlife. Paul’s letter to Timothy also tells us that the law is good when it is appropriately applied and mentions perverts and sex traders explicitly in the passage (Timothy 1:8-10).

In fact, there is no point in the Bible, where anyone says that the death penalty is immoral when applied with justice. The most common misconception is where Jesus defends the woman being stoned, where his lesson was that we should not to judge in this case, not that the punishment was wrong (John 8:4-5). Christ himself told Pilate that he had the authority to put him to death, if he did not armies of angels would be coming to His rescue (John 18:36). So, the argument that pedophiles and sex traffickers should not be put to death because it is not Christian is false teaching and conflation on the subject.

A Crisis of Character

This crisis we are facing is a crisis of character in our country.  Even as more and more perverts are collected by law enforcement, the media-industrial complex waves shiny objects to distract us, such as the FaceAPP scandal and the Area 51 raid.  Cultural elites do not want us discussing the names that appear in Epstein’s “Little Black Book.”  Though some of the names that appear in the book have disavowed Epstein long ago, such as President Trump, many of the names in the book did not disavow him till their names came out, or have yet to disavow him. 

We need to ask Congress to hold the cultural elite responsible, just like we need Congress to hold everyone accountable.  Call your representative (Switchboard number: 202-224-3121; Speaker of the House; Senate Majority Leader) and tell them you want them to sponsor a bill which makes it federal law that the jury can sentence convicted pedophiles and sex traffickers to death.  Until we protect the children of the United States, we are not creating a future worth leaving to the children. 

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