Defending Fatherhood: A Parent’s God-Given Right to Raise Their Children

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The Role of a Lifetime

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Kash Jackson is a Navy veteran. He is a former gubernatorial candidate for the state of Illinois who ran as a Libertarian. He is a political commentator and outspoken advocate for America. But those are not the most important roles Jackson has ever had. Kash Jackson is a father. One who has not seen his children in a very long time. 

This American hero and father has gone without his children. 

In a recent interview, Kash tells us all about his experience with family court, and how it has destroyed lives. He has spent thousands in legal and other fees, and pays thousands in child support. And still he cannot see his children. Jackson did nothing at all to lose visitation of his children, or even joint custody. His only crime was using his first amendment right to call out the judge in his case for blatant corruption.

The Tender Years Doctrine

He says the court system is set up to pit one parent against the other, and that the prize is the children. And unfortunately, a person enters this arena in a heightened state of emotional distress. Not a good combination, as far as Jackson is concerned. He says fathers have been on the losing end of these battles for decades inside the court system, and that overwhelmingly, judges side with mother due to an outdated mode of thought called the tender years doctrine.

The tender years doctrine holds that during the child’s most formative years, they are best off being placed with their mother. This doctrine has largely been ousted in many states, with quite a few stating that it violates the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment. Yet quite a few older judges still follow it. This doctrine is overtly discriminatory, basing the welfare of the child of 13 years or younger on the sex of the parent. It was said that to grant a father custody of his children was to “hold nature in contempt, and snatch helpless, puling infancy from the bosom of an affectionate mother, and place it in the coarse hands of the father.”

Kash Jackson Has a God-Given Right to Raise His Children

Jackson asserts that the sole purpose of government is to protect the rights of the individual, and that both parents, absent clear and convincing evidence of unfitness, have a God-given right to raise their children unimpeded by the state. Jackson states that unless the state is looking to terminate the relationship between a parent and a child, that standard of finding for unfitness does not apply.

“If you’re just a parent, a father, a mother in there, and you’re just fighting to be in your kids lives and not be pushed out, that evidentiary standard does not exist for you. It does not apply. False allegations run rampant… If you’ve ever wanted to see the constitution trampled, go sit in family law court for one day.”

Jackson says the predominant driver for determining custody in family courts is the federal incentives that states receive for collecting child support from the absent parent. He says that in Illinois he and others testified in front of the Restorative Justice committee. They were pushing for a 50/50 law to be enacted which states that going into court, both parents are considered equal in the eyes of the law, instead of after they leave. 

There were two entities opposed to this. One was the Bar Association, which is a very powerful entity which pumps millions of dollars into political campaigns. The other is the domestic violence industry, which operates on the presumption that men are predominantly abusers, and that women are predominantly victims. “Those two entities combined make a force to be reckoned with.” Says Jackson.

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Title 4D Subsidies

The Lobbyist for the Illinois Bar Association “actually testified in committee that the state stood to lose millions of dollars in federal subsidies if they in fact changed legislation to a rebuttable presumption of 50/50.” he said.   Hundreds of millions of dollars are paid out to the states every year in government subsidies, and it increases the more child support is collected, and the more efficient the process of enforcement and collection is.

Federal subsidies are given under Title 4D of the Social Security Act to states based on their performance in collecting child support. For that, the state must first show where child support is needed. “If I had equal custody, and I’m doing half the work, know what I mean? I’m picking the kids up from school, I’m taking them to doctors appointments. I’m providing half the expenses. It stands to reason if you have them half the time, you’re paying for half the expenses… If there’s that 50/50 scenario, there’s really not that much need then for child support.”

It’s a Setup for Fathers

Jackson asserts that the judge in the case has to set the scenario. So visitation is set at “every other weekend and a few hours on Wednesday. You have now become, in essence, a visitor to your children. So now, because you only have the children 20% or less of the year, that’s what justifies the judge saying ‘Ok, Dad (or Mom), you don’t have the kids as much, the custodial parent does. So we’re gonna need you to pay child support.”

20,000,000 children in the US are growing up without their fathers. Todays greed driven court system and state legislation has literally phased fathers out of the lives of their children, while siphoning millions of dollars from the federal government, which is only too happy to pay it. In addition to that, these fathers who have been forced to accept limited interaction with their children are also forced to pay to be phased out of their children’s lives.

It is time to put an end to the practice of creating the need for child support in order to take advantage of the American taxpayer. This nefarious practice alienates our fathers and destroys our children. It is just another way that society today wages war on the nuclear family. Watch the video for more of Kash Jackson, and find out just how long this American hero and father has gone without his children. 

Defending Fatherhood: Kash Jackson
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