CULTURE WAR! and Kathy Zhu: When East Meets Left

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Asian Vs. Left

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More often than not in the culture war, the normal tendency is a general focus on Right vs. Left, White vs. Black, Conservative vs. Liberal, and other dichotomies that split the culture. But in the realm of the culture war, race is the mask used to hide a more sinister battle against ideas and issues. When the Left decides a person does not meet their criteria to uphold the narrative, casualties emerge.

Conservatives generally do not care about racial background, but that the person upholds the standard perspectives of the Conservative worldview: that being what we generally accept as traditional Western values rooted in the Judeo-Christian ideological principles set forth by America’s Founding Fathers. Notions of a human’s right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness knows no skin color, cultural background, and even religious practice to a certain degree.

What Makes an American

You can be a Hindi Indian, believe in and pray to Shiva in your home or at a McDonalds, prepare and eat your tandoori chicken, and all the while own a few franchises, drive a BMW, and wear a Brooks Brothers suit believing in the values set forth by the Constitution which makes you American. You can be a white person living in the backwater towns of Appalachia, in the dirtiest conditions, living off scraps and selling moonshine. You can hold atheist views and subsidize life with Burger King yet still hold to the Constitution.

But according to the Left, espousing these American views make you a racist, sexist, bigot with homophobic and transphobic tendencies, thus rendering you null and void in the social sector and cultural conversation. We see this play out continually in many examples, for instance the demonization of Candace Owens of the Blexit movement, an empowered Black female Conservative who made her mark as a cultural powerhouse during her stint as Communications Director of student movement group Turning Point USA.

We see this play out against vocal Instagrammer Emma Gonzalez, affectionately known as “The Conservative Latina,” where 65% of her responses are from Leftists who throw death threats mingled with real racist rhetoric. They call her a “Mexican” when she is in fact Peruvian, or they make ridiculous claims about how President Trump will deport her even though she legally obtained citizenship with no fraudulent behavior. But what happens when someone not of Western descent comes against the Left? Well, it seems that not even Asians are safe from the dehumanizing and demonizing of the Left.

Kathy Zhu: Asian Persuasion

Kathy Zhu is a Chinese-American woman who currently studies at the University of Michigan and is shooting for a Political Science degree. She is multi-talented, brilliant, and beautiful. So beautiful in fact that she won the title of Miss World America Michigan in 2019. It seemed like she would represent Michigan in the Miss World America pageant, but the fairy tale ends there.  

Especially in the West, expressing yourself is a fundamental element to the First Amendment.

Back in 2018, it was reported that Zhu refused allow a Muslim woman to forcibly put a hijab on her head. Some might wonder why wouldn’t she wear one, like is it really that big a deal to put on a headscarf? But any honest thinker and observer of ideologies will note that the hijab is not what it appears to be. The headscarf worn by women in the Islamic world is forced upon the fairer sex of humanity. Women are told via the religious institution of the Quran that wearing the hijab is the utmost highest form of modesty.

It has women looking like fully robed ninjas where you cannot even see the face. It has been the literal face of oppression, as removal of the hijab is grounds for rape and even stoning by Islamic standards. This is obviously antithetical to any Western beliefs where women are in fact equal with men in terms of value.

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Freedom of Expression

Especially in the West, expressing yourself is a fundamental element to the First Amendment. Which means forcing a woman to wear the hijab is in violation of that free expression. A woman should be able to choose to wear a hijab and, conversely, a woman should be able to wear a bikini without the fear of losing her life; in the West, this is championed. When Kathy Zhu refused, it became problematic.

Zhu also was noted to have brought up the problem of black-on-black crime, which is in fact one of the biggest statistical truths regarding the Black community. Just this past Independence Day weekend, Chicago suffered one of the highest death tolls of gun violence at the hands of gangs, nearing 56 people shot over the course of that weekend to date. Some people refuse to accept that the biggest killer of black people, other than the genocidal abortion ring, is black-on-black crime even when shown the statistics. 

Stripped of Her Crown

When facts, statistics, and values supercede feelings and being nice for the sake of politically correct appropriateness, the Left rages. Refusal to wear a hijab rendered Kathy Zhu either a racist or a xenophobe (or both) because, for her, her Asian and Western values matter more and the hijab is in diametric opposition to those values. Instead of understanding any of this, Zhu simply said, “No thanks” and the Left went mad. On top of all the other statistically-backed facts she seems to have voiced on her Twitter feed, the organizers of the Miss Michigan pageant decided to strip of her crown on July 18th, 2019, after the Left scoured her social media outlets and found these “problematic” tweets.

Kathy Zhu via her Twitter posted the letter about the board’s decision to strip her of her crown, stating that her social media content is in direct violation of their rules and code of conduct. Again, a Conservative simply voiced her opinion backed by data and numbers and the Left decided to call her “racist.”

The comedy here is that Kathy Zhu is a Chinese-American woman. Based on her race, she is in fact a minority. Based on her gender, she is supposedly oppressed and unable to do what men can do. But based on the behavior of the Miss Michigan State Director, it seems that Kathy Zhu is the only minority worth dethroning since she is a Conservative. Zhu believes that diversity of thought is more important than diversity of skin color. As we can see from the treatment she received from Laura DeJack of Miss World American Michigan, unless you line up with the leftist narrative that race, gender, and the externals are the only thing that matters, you are null and void. Zhu is currently experiencing the full barrage of Black racists as well as White racists who all lean left. Here are just a few examples of the hate she is facing as an Asian-American minority:

Hypocrisy Personified

Kathy Zhu is one of the many worthwhile individuals who are facing the barrel of the leftist’s rhetorical guns. They hate her values and irrespective of being a minority in America, the very people who claim to fight for the rights of minorities and the supposed “oppressed” classes are doing whatever they can to bury this girl.  Media news outlets are using the tired rhetoric of “racism” as they work to belittle this woman. Leftists everywhere on social media are engaged in full frontal racist assault against her. All the while, Conservatives are coming on strong in full defense of her but it is truly telling that we fully see that the Left does not care about being allies to minorities. They claim to fight for representation of Asians but probably none of them went to see “Rich Crazy Asian” and yet, we see here that they demonize an actual Asian who thinks for herself. The Left is going crazy because she refuses to fit the mold of oppressed Asians living in Trump’s America and they have expressed their hatred of her.

Big Things

Kathy Zhu is not backing down. In fact, it seems she is charging full steam ahead as she plastered the letter she received to the public. She continues to uphold her values and seems more galvanized now to thumb her gorgeous nose into the faces of the Left as she intends to pull the lever for Trump 2020. We can definitely expect to see this rising star in the coming years doing big things, not only for the Asian-American community in the United States, but for the culture at large. You can follow her on Instagram @katzhux and on Twitter @politicalkathy.

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