4 Positive Education Trends to End 2021

There is a lot to be frustrated about as 2021 has just come to an end. Some places are back in lockdown over rising coronavirus cases, while others are ...

To the Left, Even Math is Racist!

Picture a young Isaac Newton, Madame Curie, Henri Poincare, Srinivasa Ramanujan, Albert Einstein, Alan Turing, or, for that matter, Pythagoras, Euclid, or ...

This Microschool Network Is Booming as Families Flee Government-Run Schools

When Jessica Gregory and her husband moved from the Washington, D.C. area in 2020 to a suburban community north of Boston, they expected to find a school for ...

Vendetta: The Department of Education Begins its Assault on Private Schools

As a nation, we cannot allow the DOE to pick favorites based on the political machinations of the current president. Just because Elizabeth Warren and AOC, ...

DeSantis: Democrats Put Teachers Unions and Special Interests Ahead of Our Children

DeSantis: The guidelines are a disgrace! Governor DeSantis follows the science to put kids first. So should the teachers' unions.

US Vs. China Education: US is Ahead

Many believe China has a better education system than the US. Reality: US adults have highest level of education, nearly double the Chinese average.

Trump Resets the American History Standard

The president announced he will sign an executive order to establish the "1776 Commission" to reestablish an emphasis on patriotic education

Hijacking the Schools

We have been oblivious to the hijacking of the schools by the left as they brainwash our children to conform to their leftist ideology.

Kids Back to School in Pictures: Classroom, Lunchtime, Recess, and More

As kids around the world return for a new school year, masks, shields and social distancing are a stark reality.

Chicago Leaders Push To Abolish History Classes

Illinois state representative La Shawn Ford along with other leaders in education and politics gathered in Evanston to ask the Illinois State Board of ...

Pro-Lockdown Argument Fails Academic Test

Arguments in favor of a lock down and limited reopening do not stand up to academic analysis. With deaths in steady decline, is the epidemic a threat?

Back to School 2020: Coronavirus Brings The Ultimate Test

Back to school 2020 soon approaches. Life must go one at some point during the coronavirus pandemic and not everyone can do remote learning. What does this ...

Cultural Revolution USA

The Cultural Revolution in the US is eerily reminiscent of the Cultural Revolution in China and Cambodia when history was erased and thousands killed.

China’s Influence on US Schools

For a long time, China has been exchanging students with the west. Now it has gotten more invasive.

California Schools Removing the ACT and SAT

California schools have decided to remove ACT and SAT scores from requirements for acceptance. While this may be good for them, it hurts kids. MUST READ!

Chinese Spies on Campus

China has many ways of obtaining our country's secrets, including using Chinese students as spies. But it doesn't stop there. A MUST READ.

Teaching: Panic over Policy

In the age of the Coronavirus, education will need to adapt and improve, everywhere.

CPAC 2020 – John Cummings: Education is “the Civil Rights Issue of This Generation”

NRN's Frank D'Onofrio interviewed NY candidate John Cummings at CPAC 2020. I his race vs. AOC, Cummings breaks down his policy stances.

The Left Hates Asians

NYC Stuyvesant High School is the latest battle ground the Left has chosen to pit racial groups against each other. The Left, seeing too many Asian students ...

Cardi B and Illiteracy: The Disunification of America

Learning the spoken and written language where one lives is a vital part of integration and assimilation. Cardi B is one who rarely shows complete literacy.

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