The Left Hates Asians

NYC Stuyvesant High School is the latest battle ground the Left has chosen to pit racial groups against each other. The Left, seeing too many Asian students ...

Cardi B and Illiteracy: The Disunification of America

Learning the spoken and written language where one lives is a vital part of integration and assimilation. Cardi B is one who rarely shows complete literacy.

Two Arizona School Districts Promoting Racial Divisions and Social Justice

Propaganda are the school lesson plans and curricula across the world. We now know this "learning" has been adopted in 2 Arizona school districts.

$1.4 Trillion in Student Debt and the Government Makes Billions!?

The US Government has gotten so far away from its real job of governing that it has become a lender of over $1.5 trillion in student debt. Maybe Sen. Sanders ...

Discrimination Through Racial Preferences

Protests took place after a Jewish student was overheard discussing why she would be denied scholarships not being a minority. Similar injustices in the name ...

The Left’s Takeover of Our Cities by Stealth

Most citizens are not aware the length at which the Left has taken over our cities and college campuses by stealth in hidden activism in the name of “equity.”

The Era of Liberal Ideology in Our Schools Needs to End

America's education system has been under assault by liberal ideology for decades. What will it take to restore our children's future?

The Dangers of Paralyzing Denial: From Jeffrey Epstein to Public Schools

Looking away from sinister Jeffrey Epstein and horrific truth’s easy, but denial is dangerous, like the malfeasance within public schools, doesn’t just go away.

Ronald Reagan the Legend: “A Time For Choosing”

Ronald Reagan delivered a speech 20 years before being president, for-shadowing a better political path based in beliefs of the founders. “A time for choosing.”

This Month in History: Japanese Surrender, Little Rock Crisis, 9/11, and More

The month of September is significant in US and World History. Read all about everything from the Japanese surrender, to the tragedy of 911.

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