Cardi B and Illiteracy: The Disunification of America

Cardi B in Congress?

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It was brought to my attention Cardi B tweeted that she’d like to be in Congress. Senator Bernie Sanders is now encouraging this sentiment. Cardi B felt she could qualify with only a couple of years of school. I’m afraid it would take a lot more than just a couple of years to undo the poor language habits she’s acquired and transform her into a Congressperson capable of understanding or articulating legal issues. This is not to say that some current Congressional leaders are any better at it! I’m not sure that she fully understands her use of the English language is not the acceptable norm in the halls of higher education or Congress. 

To Assimilate or Not to Assimilate? That is the Question!

According to her page on IMDB, she was born in Manhattan and raised in the Bronx. Although her parents and grandparents were born abroad, she could have had ample opportunity to learn from the local educational system. I’m inclined to believe that there was never an attempt by her family to fully assimilate into the American culture.

Assimilating while learning to understand a new culture and language is hard work. It takes a willingness to change and learn new ways. If her home environment lacked support for assimilation, Cardi would have had to learn on her own. 

Whether the failure to have learned to communicate fully in proper English is due to a lack of assimilation by her parents or grandparents or a failure of the local school system, we, as a nation should understand that a necessary tool to bond citizens together is a common language and common usage of that language.

Bilingual Education: Is It a Hindrance?

The Center for Equal Opportunity (CEO) addressed this issue by emphasizing the importance of assimilation into the mainstream of America. They specifically stress learning English, while opposing bilingual education programs and ballots. These, they claim, hinder successful assimilation. 

“American culture is not perfect. But it is extremely successful in bringing freedom and prosperity to its millions of citizens. There is no call for junking it and starting from scratch…Assimilation is important not only for immigrants, but also for those who have been here for a generation or two—or more—but have never joined America’s culture or have more recently rejected it.”

Roger Clegg, CEO Attorney, in his address to the House Judiciary Committee in 2007

A Rejection of our History and Its Strengths!

What we can see in Cardi’s language usage is there was either never a time in which she joined the accepted communication standards within mainstream America, or she chose to reject it. This raises another point. There are many on the left who wish to junk our history and our literature. The left’s agenda is to tear down the foundation from which the United States was built, taking with it the great men and women whose writings have built the knowledge base that made the nation strong. What better way to conquer a nation than to destroy the words and writings which inspired individuals to succeed, build and prosper.

The call to reject our nation’s forefathers, knowledge base and language has resulted in a rejection of the very vision that bonded the population together. In rejecting the language and values of this nation’s ancestors, there has been a gradual loss of that which originally unified the country.

Is Literature Too White?

There have even been calls to reject literature merely because of the color of the author’s skin. Marina Medvin wrote in Townhall that the Library Journal contains this rhetoric within its pages: “Library collections continue to promote and proliferate whiteness with their very existence and the fact that they are physically taking up space in our libraries.”

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So, Cardi’s childish misuse of the English language may just be representative of the issues in our society, a lack of assimilation and a rejection of the values and language by those who chose not to assimilate. A contributing factor could be an educational system gutted by a liberal agenda. I encourage Cardi B to return to school! Just not one permeated by liberal indoctrination. Such institutions do exist.

Some Good Rules to Go By

I’ll end with a few of the “Top Ten Rules for Americans” as originally published by the National Review Online: 

8. Don’t view working and studying hard as “acting white.”

9. Don’t hold historical grudges.


10. Be proud of being an American.

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