The Left Hates Asians

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While Asians are being recognized with the Oscar win of Bong Joon-Ho and his movie Parasite, the Left’s racist targeting of Asians is becoming more and more insane. It is showing itself to be less and less about diversity and more about certain groups while ignoring others. This pattern has become all too clear. The Left only wants some groups to be recognized while they demonize others. The Left’s agenda against white people has been established. It now appears they have lumped Asians into their agenda of hate.

De Blasio and AOC Ignore Asians

The admissions environment in New York City is one heavily competitive area of American Secondary Education. The fight to get into the more prestigious schools is a brutal one. Yet, in the push for racial diversity, some groups are becoming more and more pets of the Left. Other groups of people who have successfully qualified for enrollment legitimately are being demonized.

Last year, NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio failed to uphold the admissions standards and he continues to do so again. This time, he has the backing of Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), or AOC. Together, they are shouting the clarion call for more diversity. The Congresswoman tweeted a claim that NYC Stuyvesant High School does not have enough black and brown students. As she states in her tweet, only 7 black kids got into a public high school. She feels there should be more and claimed this is an injustice due to wealth inequality.

Education inequity is a major factor in the racial wealth gap. This is what injustice looks like

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY)

What she fails to admit is while 15% of Asians make up the entire NYC student population, Asians comprise 74% of this particular school. Her tweet ends by claiming educational inequity is the result of a “racial wealth gap.” If we are to look at this tweet from any logical form, essentially what she is saying is because there are 74% of Asians in that school, they come from crazy rich Asian households. In her view, the system is giving those students an unfair amount of educational attention.

Merit Does Not Matter

The problem the Left has and fails to answer is why Asians perform better in schools. Asians in America today have some of the highest median income averages nearly making 75% more than Caucasians. Yet De Blasio and AOC seem to be complaining about Asian privilege. It is quite clear, according to the Left, merit does not matter if you’re Asian. To solve the “inequality” issue, the Left has boosted the amount of blacks and browns in that school by lowering standards. These tactics have done more damage to the Asian community who earned enrollment on merit, not wealth as AOC would have you believe.

Simply Look At Harvard

What Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez and Mayor De Blasio are pushing is exactly what Harvard is being sued for. In a recent admission scandal, Harvard has been keeping their Asian population at a maximum of 20%. This is while Asians are applying to Harvard at record rates. Documents reveal Harvard has been using a method of weeding out certain student populations. They admitted Asians score less in the realm of “positive personality traits.” Despite test scores and extracurricular activities all being met with flying colors, the trait index lowers acceptance rate of Asians. Others have reported an Asian American girl must earn an SAT average of 1350 while a black male gains acceptance through earning an 1100. This is because of the diversity quota Harvard is playing into.

Everyone Loses In The End

This is exactly what is going on in NYC Stuyvesant High School debacle. The Left’s soft bigotry of low expectations is exactly what Mayor De Blasio and Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez are working to replicate. History shows the enormous emphasis Asians have placed on excellence in education. Their stance is irrespective of socio-economic status. More than that, Asians also place a huge emphasis upon having a nuclear family as well. More NYC Asian households had a mother and a father. On the flip side, statistically, black and brown households generally had a single parent structure.

This disparity in household structure has deep ties to the results of less black and brown students getting into higher quality schools. There are several ways to meet the desired quotas. One is to change the standards to allow blacks and browns in and displace the large Asian population. Another is to maintain the status quo. Yet another is to help black and brown families maintain a stable parenting household so the adults can best support their children and their future educational goals. Based on the actions of AOC and the Mayor in that NYC school, they decided to meet a quota at the expense of the Asian community.

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Lingering Stigma

It goes even beyond that because, while entrance standards might have dropped, the courses remain the same. Those who were given the affirmative action push are not likely to perform as well in the curriculum. This will cause them to suffer more as they go into college. More than that, the stigma of merit will always be a lingering question for which these black and brown quota meeting students will have to answer. In the end, it will be all students who lose, not just the battle, but also the war.  This is how sad it will be and this is why the Left simply cannot be trusted with anything.

This is just another testament to why affirmative action does not work and in the case of students who got there on merit, it affects them the most.

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