The Left’s Takeover of Our Cities by Stealth

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What Do They Mean by Equity?

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The seemingly benign appearance of an “Office of Equity” in many cities and college campuses has the appearance of an entity that would justifiably seek to assist those who have been denied equal rights in their education and job searches. The name exudes an image of an organization that would pull minorities up to a standard of equality to those who have benefited from the system. Nay, the meaning of equity in the view of those promoting this agenda is to change the status quo and, hence, the control of government by infiltrating the very fabric of society, implementing a socialist government by stealth.

The equity, as some Office of Equity members have explained, is not to make all equal, but rather to reorganize city departments by carefully controlling the racial balance, potentially creating a racial distribution favoring minorities. They also plan to control the funding of areas of a city where they deem the taxpayer citizen is not a minority and to invest funding in areas where minorities live. It’s a type of redistribution of wealth taken from taxes of the citizens to employ to their desired area. Rather than distribute funding through voting, these Office of Equity members feel they have a greater right than the citizens that pay their taxes to determine the city spending priorities.

What Are the Offices of Equity and How do They Operate?

There are approximately 25 Offices of Equity in cities scattered across the US. The members of these teams come from left-leaning backgrounds and are made up exclusively of what has been termed a minority group in the past. They seek to persuade the cities to use taxpayer-funded monies to remediate areas of cities that have lacked attention. They seek to employ minorities; good idea, you might say! 

The majority of citizens in the affected cities are unaware of just who has infiltrated their city governments. Those managing the Offices of Equity have said they seek social justice and reparations. They intend to persuade department heads and managers to hire certain persons based on racial or gender make-up.

Never mind that this is contrary to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which states in Title VII, specifically “Unlawful Employment Practices” (Sec 2000e-2 [Section 703], Part (j), that states that preferential treatment is not to be granted on account of existing number or percentage imbalance. To those in the Office of Equity, existing laws are not sufficient to achieve equity. They must disregard the laws because they are presumed to be racist.

Effects of Social Manipulation in NYC Department of Education

One can readily see this occurring in New York City’s Department of Education, where Chancellor Richard Carranza has been taking steps to rid the department of white and Jewish teachers. Michael Goodwin writes in his New York Post article, “Richard Carranza’s Prejudicial Race Politics Have Gone Too Far,” that “Publicly, Richard Carranza is preaching equality.”

“but behind closed doors, consultants and bureaucrats are coaching school supervisors on how to practice prejudice. Racial politics are at the heart of the Department of Education’s $23 million program to dismantle what it calls ‘white supremacy culture.’ The Post has exposed the Orwellian nature of the effort to stamp out bias by having educators introduce more bias.”

Alex Zimmerman writes in his article in Chalkbeat, “Carranza Blasts Lawsuit Claiming 3 White Administrators Were Improperly Demoted,” that the three white women’s’ complaint referred to the fact that the women were demoted and replaced by “less qualified people of color.”

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What Is the True Agenda Behind the Name?

The Office of Equity’s true motives are to usurp the administrative authority of city departments for the purpose of ushering in the perfect critical mass or percentage of minority personnel. Never mind that certain cities in which the population and city employee makeup is minority white. They still seek to replace white management, specifically seeking to exclude white men.

In violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, some cities (which already have a majority “minority” population) will choose the minority with less experience or education over a white person because they believe they have potential. As one Office of Equity notes, their goal is to implement this agenda in every city department. For example, the San Antonio Office of Equity writes, “Equity means that our policy-making, service delivery, and distribution of resources account for the different histories, challenges, and needs of the people we serve.

The Office of Equity is a city-wide office focused on advancing social equity within city government, to help reduce and ultimately eliminate disparities experienced by our most marginalized San Antonio residents. Our large initiatives right now include facilitating a city-wide Equity Committee, training city staff to become Equity Trainers, and conducting department-wide equity assessments to help every department create Equity Action Plans.

The Office of Equity recognizes that it will take transformational shift within government to truly address disparities experienced by communities of color and low-income communities, and therefore we focus our efforts on elevating the understanding of what it takes to advance equity within every city department.”

Take Action

This Socialist agenda is being implemented by stealth as most citizens are not aware of the municipal Deep State activists who have infiltrated our local governments. It is time to ask our local city council and representatives to look into this hidden activism that seeks to rob the population of their due.

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