Google Ads Show Pro-Abortion Ads On Conservative Websites

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Google Targets Conservatives, Again Google Adsense absurdly targeted New Right Network's website. Despite being a conservative website, Google chose to launch an ad in support of "Save Roe." Google algorithms…

Abortion: What Actually Happens

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Reaching Across Party Lines There have been many policies that helped shape the Republican Party, some incredibly good and some not. I think you would be hard-pressed to find even…

Democrats Seem to Support Eugenics

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There are troubling statistics that have come out of a Democrat-led liberal agenda. These statistics can only lead us to conclude that it is a Democrat policy to use negative…

Hope in the Fight Against Abortion

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Iowa Passes New Abortion Law Republicans in Iowa are celebrating passing into law measures which strictly forbid performing abortions on babies below the gestation of six weeks. While there are…