Abortion: What Actually Happens

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Reaching Across Party Lines

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There have been many policies that helped shape the Republican Party, some incredibly good and some not. I think you would be hard-pressed to find even the hardest lined “all GOP Reagan is the best, look even my blood’s red, supporter,” who will tell you that there have not been questionable policies. There are some issues, however, which are so important and so incredibly divisive that they cross all spectrums of party politics. Their impact is so widely felt that it could affect even the amount of blessings that God pours out over America.

America has indeed been greatly blessed by the Lord over many, many decades. I am not here to talk about God. The subject I am bringing up today points to the most harrowing part of American history, and I hope that there will come a time in 40 or 50 years when people will look back at our generation and ask, “what were they thinking?”

The Name Game

Today, as you read this, either 3000 babies have been terminated, or 3000 fetuses will be aborted. I used the word fetus with purpose. It is a Latin word in origin, meaning, the unborn young of a species. An unborn cat is a tiny kitten forming in her mother’s womb; an unborn dog is a puppy, waiting to fall in love with your son or daughter.

Nobody has a problem with those definitions until we make the fetus human. Then, it is a fetus to remove the emotive word baby, changing it to a colder sounding, long dead foreign word, and making it easier to deny it’s life. I have seen countless arguments on this, where the infant’s defender says “please don’t kill your baby.” The answer they invariably get is, “It’s a fetus.” The word has become a line of defense behind which the pro-choice defender can hide. However, if it were a puppy, those two might clash from the other sides.

Empower With Knowledge

My main cause of sympathy for the woman’s plight is that she is most often young and forced into making this decision alone. That must be a very cold and lonely place to be. If this is you, I am not going to try to bully you into making any decision either way. I am going to beg you to read these articles and research what you are considering.

I believe in the empowerment of women. I believe that you have the right to know what an abortion is before you make your decision. Once the decision is made, and the operation is complete, there is no reversing the clock. I want to describe for you what each of the main abortion practices are, what their ramifications can be and what alternatives are available.

Money is tight; however, the pro-life brigade are spread thin, and you may need to take an “I am not accepting no,” posture. That is a very rare tale though as most of the lovely people who staff these organizations truly do want to help you. The un-choice is one such organization. I recommend reading their website and getting familiar with all of this. It is a complicated decision that you have found yourself in the middle of, and I am praying for you as I write this.

Understanding The Processes

The first option is the simplest to describe, as there are two available treatments. The first of the two treatments is a mixing of chemical poisons within your body. At the appointment, you will be given the first pill, called Misoprostol, which is given after a sonogram, where you may see the infant in your womb.

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This option is available up to ten weeks into your pregnancy. You will leave the appointment with four more pills that are called Mifepristone. You dissolve this against your cheek and ingest it into your system. You will also be given anti-sickness drugs, as this is a poisonous compound. Within about six hours, the abortion process takes effect, and you will notice a tightening of your uterus, followed by heavy bleeding. This is your pregnancy being removed from your body and can cause you to bleed heavily for up to eight weeks.

Side effects can include but are not limited to, nausea and vomiting, headache, dry mouth, excessive bleeding, with muscle and joint pains. If any of these persist or increase in severity, you will have been told at your appointment that you must go to the hospital to be checked. You will also be told not to travel more than two hours from a hospital as there is a risk that the poison intended for the infant may actually start to poison you.

More severe side effects include swelling of the hands and ankles, irregular heartbeats, swelling of mouth or face, fainting, and severe cramps. If you have unknown liver, kidney or heart disease, or cancers, it could actually cause you to die in rare cases. On the emotional side, you may very well find your unborn baby pressed against your sanitary towel or in the shower, bath or toilet. This can be an immensely disturbing experience, especially in younger women, and can lead to depression.

Extreme side effects of depression are having suicidal thoughts and attempted suicide. It is also possible to suffer adverse reactions and have the added realization that the medicines did not work and you are still pregnant. This can cause serious psychological issues, and some women question themselves to the point of crisis.

The next early option is called Aspiration where anesthesia is administered. Side effects from allergies or poorly administered/monitored anesthesia may result in long-term complications and even death. The abortionist then pushes a speculum into your body and widens the genital area before inserting rods at ever increasing widths to open the cervix.

Micro and macro damage can occur, causing future pregnancies to be born prematurely, as the cervix cannot hold the weight until your wanted baby comes to full term. It can also make it virtually impossible for a woman to bring a baby to term at all. In this instance, a woman may have to overcome the possibility of repeated stillbirths.

After this, a suction tube is entered through the cervix and into the uterus. The machine is turned on, and the unwanted baby is ripped from the uterus and is torn apart by suction which can be up to 20 times more powerful than a household vacuum cleaner. This can also tear your uterus and could cause fatal internal bleeding. Such fatalities are incredibly rare, and the surgeon is medically trained to deal with most cases. Another tool is then used to scrape out any remaining limbs and placenta. If the abortionist is not careful, anything left inside could cause infections.

Aspiration is the most commonly performed abortion in the U.S., and to better understand the process, I am adding a link to a video where an obstetric gynecologist who has performed over 1200 abortions explains the procedure.

Compassion Through Awareness

If you have found yourself having to make this decision, you have my deepest sympathy. I can only imagine what you are experiencing, and how difficult a choice this must be. I am removing all politics from this. It is a bipartisan issue, and there are pro-choice Republicans and pro-life Democrats.

Every woman in the world deserves and needs to know what abortions are and what is involved. In the description, I have tried to be emotionless. It is a highly charged subject and needs to be treated in the most sensitive way. My next article on abortion will cover the midterm practices. It only gets more grizzly from here.

Tony Parton
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