Democrats Seem to Support Eugenics

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There are troubling statistics that have come out of a Democrat-led liberal agenda. These statistics can only lead us to conclude that it is a Democrat policy to use negative eugenics to force ethnic cleansing in America. The majority of Republican members of Congress would gladly see this dark period of American history brought to an end.

Facts Do Not Care About Your Feelings

The current population of African Americas is 12%. This means that out of 1000 American people, the black minority would only make up 120 people, with 70 of those people, on average, being women. The real number should be far greater, but sadly we are faced with the reality that the right to abortion is currently protected by law and is encouraged as a birth control option to young women in America’s public school system.

73% of all Planned Parenthood clinics are proudly in urban areas or communities that are considered to have a higher demographic of minorities than the white majority. Out of every 1000 American women, 70 will be black and 360 will be white, on average. This means that there are just over five times more white women than black women in the USA. This highlights an issue that is coming from the huge amount of abortions among black women compared to white women, statistically.

We see that while the white abortion statistic rate is at 39%, the black rate out of the same 1000 abortions is a staggering 38%. This means that for every 390 white abortions, there are 380 black abortions. Remember that out of 1000 Americans, only 120 are black, and only 70 of those are women. Why is there such a disproportionate amount of abortions performed? The statistics should show a 7-12% rate of black abortions because black women make up 7% of the population.

Targeted Marketing

The statistics do not work with the reality unless you consider the use of targeted marketing. Planned Parenthood regularly visits predominantly ethnic schools and educates girls on the availability of their products. Planned Parenthood presents their services as health care and treatments. These are words that Nazi’s used during their sterilization programs in the late 30’s and early 40’s. Of every 1000 abortions performed, 30 to 50 surgeries result in sterilization.

There are roughly 3000 abortions performed daily in the USA. That means 90 to 150 sterilizations, with many of those often being young, black women. There is also an increased chance of ectopic pregnancies after an abortion procedure, with the ectopic rate increasing up to eight times those of women who have not aborted. Death’s caused by ectopic pregnancies account for 12% of maternal deaths per year.

Damage to the cervix as a result of abortion, which happens in approximately 22% of cases or 220 women out of every 1000 abortions, can also occur. This can result in late-term miscarriages of wanted babies and the possibility of premature births, which can cause health complications too numerous to list for the baby due to a weakening of the normally firm cervix. This is caused by the abortion doctor needing to surgically stretch the cervix to clean out the corpse of the unwanted child. It is estimated that 100,000 women who have had an abortion each year miscarry their later, wanted babies.

Is It A Race Problem?

It is also estimated that up to 25% of post-abortion women require further hospital treatment due to serious psychological trauma brought on by the grief which follows abortion surgery. Of this group, it is estimated that 60% will suffer from suicidal ideation (desiring to take one’s own life) and worryingly an estimated 28% of this 25% group will go on to attempt suicide. This means that of the 8-15% of suicides that occur in the USA involving women, women who have had an abortion are six times more likely than women who have not gone through with the practice, to kill themselves.

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This is not a black problem. This is a problem in America and through the world. The statistics point to what appears to be a racial disparity between colors and classes. There is a wealth of information on the subject that you can find here and here, among other places. or, among others.

Deciding Factors

The argument for post-rape abortion only accounts for 0.5% of all cases or two out of every 1000. The rest of the abortions performed are from social and economic decisions, with a further 12% resulting from complications due to babies or mothers health. With better education on what the practice involves and the risks associated with abortion, the argument makes itself.

There are a great number of organizations in the USA who offer to help and support mothers with unwanted pregnancies. In many cases each year, the offer is made early to adopt the child if the mother cannot go on to raise her child. In such cases, the instances of suicide and emotional trauma drop dramatically. Complications later on in life are the same as those endured in the same amount of cases of second pregnancies.

With the risk of infections and secondary complications so high, it would seem the case against abortion would make itself. Each individual who is faced with this decision knows their situation and their minds. Do your research regarding abortion so you are able to make a more informed decision should you ever find yourself in a situation where you may need to know more.

Tony Parton
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