Melania Trump: The Most Glamorous First Lady Since Jackie Kennedy

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Journalism is a strange world to be involved with, riddled with strange responsibilities. Writing for an independent or mainstream media organization empowers the author with a moment of trust. Having no idea who you are, what you do for a living or even what country you reside in does not change this fact. This article is being written presently from London, England.

Yet, no matter where you are, there is a connection of thought, a unique and abstract oneness in purpose. One of the most powerful abstracts a journalist possesses is an idea. The most important idea, certainly within American journalism, was bestowed upon us after the war of independence. It is the freedom of the press. For a journalist, the most crucial principal has to be the widespread dissemination of the truth.

Truth, when rightly reported, presents us with a trust that, once broken, should be lost forever. However, this is a principle that has been massively eroded, perhaps even to the detriment of the very first Amendment that gives us the freedom to express that same idea that has already connected us and that is truth!

When Jesus was put on trial, Pontius Pilot asked an incredibly powerful question that to this day has never been adequately answered. His question was as philosophical as it was cynical. “Truth? What is Truth?” 2000 years in the future, that same question could be asked. The answer is as elusive as other philosophical ideas that we take for granted, such as our freedom.

He Who Controls The Media Controls The Mind

Big business, like the Roman Empire, has eroded truth. Truth is whatever sells the most pages of newsprint. A few weeks ago, the news reported that Disney now owns a controlling share of Fox. From a business and power standpoint, this is a very smart move. If you own a media organization, you have unfettered access to this beautiful trust that we share. It does not take long to gain one’s trust, does it?

With that trust, there is a bond formed that maintains the reciprocity of this relationship. ABC, FOX, CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, the list continues around the world of massive multinational organizations with one seemingly insatiable desire to control what you think, with only a handful of incredibly powerful men who own the majority of these media companies. When these media outlets across a plethora of platforms bring you the truth, it is a joyful moment of sharing freedom. It is incredible how interlinked those two philosophical enigmas are. However, each of these companies has an agenda; to keep you hooked so that they can sell more print or airtime to you, and then sell advertising space to fill their platform. This comes at the price of Journalistic integrity.

The Apple Falls Far From the Tree When There Is a Cliff

The Mainstream Media has taken away the very freedom that they once sought to preserve, and that is the freedom of the press. Their agenda has overshadowed all, and in that overshadowing, there are victims. One might yell at a man, or spit at a man, or if the need arises, may punch a man, but never is it justified to attack his home, his kids, or his wife.

The mainstream media does this relentlessly. They cease to be human. They destroy and cajole. Do you remember what they did to Britney Spears? They are a pack of hyenas with a following of vultures and buzzards.

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There are a daughter and a wife who have been derided, insulted, attacked and belittled to hurt President Trump. They are American citizens who are showing the battle scars of having stood before the beast that is the Mainstream Media. To harm Trump, these cowards have attacked his wife and his children. They take cheap shots constantly and downplay their effects.

In the case of Melania Trump, you have the most glamorous and beautiful First Lady since Jackie Kennedy was in the White House. She also has a refinement not seen since Nancy Reagan. These are very delicate attributes to bring to the dungeon that is Washington D.C. She elegantly goes about her business with humble dignity and a quiet poise that puts D.C. to shame, yet the media hates her. Targeting her is the easiest way to attack the president. Nobody would have ever treated Jackie Kennedy so shamefully. There would have been none that would have taken the kind of shots the modern media has at the current First  Lady. The apple has dropped into a canyon of filth. Journalistic integrity is a concept that we should all mourn.

Like Predators Circling a Fresh Kill

These cowards claim to have liberal views, but what we are seeking is journalistic truth based upon integrity. What are the truths to that statement? If they were truly liberal, they would celebrate Melania. She is a legal immigrant, a woman of intelligence, she speaks five languages and runs her own business.

She should be celebrated across the nation and regarded as a woman who stands for the strength, dignity, and the beauty that she represents. Her very presence in the White House displays how far America has come with regard to race or creed. Instead, the media makes stories up, saying that she is a battered housewife.

They run her down, almost to the point where they are blaming her for their hatred of her husband. They pick at her accent, or they tell complete lies about her. She marks a firm check in all of the liberal boxes. This begs the questions, “is the liberal media truly liberal and is the mainstream media, run by international conglomerations, even free at all?” Melania Trump is a woman who tries to promote ethical values throughout America, indeed the world, yet the media has become so politicized that it would instead take her down than lift her up.

Something is missing from the majority of journalism in this day and age. It was something that was undoubtedly a staple when they reported on Jackie Kennedy. This something, if presented merely as it is, would signify a change for the better in America. It would return the US to a place of ethical, honest integrity and would engage the viewer or reader in ways that are not seen these days, as figures suggest that viewers and readers are pulling away from the mainstream media mob. They run the risk of alienating the very people that they need to sell their products. So what is this thing that is missing from journalists in 2018? That something is class.

Tony Parton
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