Trick or Treat: Halloween at the White House

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President Trump and First Lady Melania Host Trick or Treating on the South Lawn

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The month of October marks the beginning of the holiday season. The stores are filled with aisles of Halloween themed candies, spooky decorations and just about any costume you can hope to find. The leaves are falling outside and the air is starting to get crisp and cool (well in most parts of the country, sorry Florida). Houses are decorated and the front porch is adorned with all sorts of jack-o-lanterns. One house, in particular, the White House, did not disappoint with their decorations.

The White House is beautifully decorated with hay bales and pumpkins lining the walkway to the entrance. Twisted trees with colorful leaves accompany the artfully arranged pumpkins. Finishing off the decorations are corn stalks wrapped around the columns and a large sign that says ‘Halloween.’ In true Melania Trump decor tradition, the decorations are both spooky for the occasion and beautiful.

Image from Elite Daily

The Trumps Hosted Trick-or-Treating

In addition to kicking off the holiday season with the awesome decor, the Trumps also hosted Trick-or-Treating on the south lawn. On October 28, 2018, President Trump and First Lady Melania hosted the traditional Halloween party at the White House. Military families and local children were able to get candy from the President himself!

President Trump and Melania did not dress up this year, but the party was a hit! They handed out Twizzlers and Hershey bars as a military band played Halloween themed music. Children dressed as everything from astronauts to princesses and superheroes showed up to get their treats from the White House. What a unique memory for those little trick-or-treaters!

As we gear up for Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year, it will be fun to see how the Trumps celebrate. If the past is any indication, the White House will be elegantly decorated and filled with fun and season cheer!

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