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Iowa Passes New Abortion Law

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Republicans in Iowa are celebrating passing into law measures which strictly forbid performing abortions on babies below the gestation of six weeks. While there are some who argue that this new legislation does not go far enough, it does set up a test case in the courts for an attempt to repeal Roe v Wade. They argue that abortion has never been passed into law in either house; therefore, it is a practice not protected by the constitution.

A Stronger GOP Means More Victory

If elections continue to strengthen Republican positions across the country, emboldened Senators will be able to defeat the “Roe v Wade” decision locally, on a state by state basis. If this happens, then eventually the decision will be heard nationally when the Supreme court calls this into question. With so many advocates for abortion mills like Planned Parenthood, among others, there looks to be a firestorm heading towards D.C. in the shape of a Liberal versus Republican showdown over the national legality of Roe v Wade.

The pro-life Republican side has a surprise liberal ally in the form of Colorado. Colorado and thirty other states currently allow the recreational use of cannabis, even though it is illegal under federal law. The fact that that there has not been one Supreme court ruling against these States sets a precedent that each state has the right to overturn a federal law on a local level. This legal negligence plays right into the hands of the pro-life fight for the rights of unborn babies.

If Roe v Wade can be overturned and if Iowa can win the forthcoming Supreme court battle, then under President Donald Trump’s leadership, a substantial step towards an individual states right to choose will have been hammered into Federal law. At this point, much of this is speculative, and the pro-choice lobbyists may back away from this fight until a more opportune moment. If Roe v Wade can be overturned just once, it may lead to the salvation of hundreds of thousands of unborn babies across the country.

This Is Not a War On Women

This is not the withdrawal of rights to women. Abortion is concentrated in the most densely populated urban areas in communities of predominantly black Americans, and not by accident. Margaret Sanger, a heroine to both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, is historically renowned as an advocate of negative eugenics believed in selective breeding and in the destruction of unwanted children among populations that are deemed unsavory “to weed out unfit people from the bloodline.”

Why are the Democrats so keen to encourage all forms of abortion, including late-term procedures? The Democrat Party is still an anti-black American party that resorts to the reworking of what is true to proliferate its stranglehold on the minds of the American people.

A War On Children?

Democrats encouraged the use of adult-strength antidepressants and antipsychotics among children. These are drugs that had never been tested on the minds of developing teens as their bodies undergo massive chemical changes as part of the natural rhythm of human life known as puberty. Depression among teens is, in fact, entirely normative and indeed helps to build coping strategies later used in life.

The use of chemicals to overcome these difficulties serve only to stunt the mental growth of the child. Reported side effects among adults are alarming in those with fully developed brains and stable brain chemistry. They include violent outbursts, rage, suicidal thoughts, suicide, and aggression. Is there any wonder that little Timmy takes his gun to school when he finds the keys to his daddy’s gun cabinet?

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The second amendment does not need to be repealed. Our children need to be protected from the prescription of mind-altering pharmaceuticals and the kinds of chemicals that have saturated the American diet. Anybody who claims that the liberal agenda is pro-black needs to study the life of Margaret Sanger seriously. She is what could only be termed as a racist, to the point of fanaticism, that lead her, with the inspiration of Darwin, to set up Planned Parenthood.

The American Birth Control League and the International Planned Parenthood Federation are massively financed and subsidized by liberal elites, and they aimed to rid the world of the smiles of people with Down’s Syndrome.  If these liberal elites had their way, they would see these beautiful people die before they even get to share their smile.

Eugenics Is Racism, Plain And Simple

In 2017, the Life Issues Institute’s research showed that 73% of planned parenthood’s abortion clinics were within walking distance of minority neighborhoods. Is this due to having a lower rent in that location? No, it is not. It is because the very minority groups that live in these areas are being targeted with the most vociferous pro-choice rhetoric in schools. These young women never hear the real story.

The purpose is not to fight to take away a woman’s right to choose. It is to fight for the opportunity for women to be adequately educated and empowered with a full understanding of the procedures, and the psychological and physiological ramifications. It is believed that if women knew what happens, they would never go through with this debauched process of minorities and low-income depopulation; that is the liberal agenda.

That is why senators in Iowa and any other state senator who may do likewise, should be saluted with a kiss on both cheeks and tear-filled eyes for passing this bill prohibiting abortion on babies below the gestation of six weeks. MAGA means protecting the lives and the rights of ALL Americans, even American citizens that have not yet been born. Let us hope other states follow suit and fight for the lives of the unborn.

For further information and advice, please feel free to visit End Abortion Now. This organization, a project born of Apologia Studios and Apologia church, has helped through education to counseling. Counselors would love to hear from you and to enable you to understand better why it is that abortion is not the best choice. This tiny church has saved the lives of hundreds of babies since the End Abortion Now campaign was started.

Tony Parton
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