How the Cartels Rake in the Bucks While the Globalists’s Camel’s Nose Rips the Tent of National Security

Human trafficking: the Cartels' money-making method of choice and a path to citizenship gifted to the unaccompanied minors by the State.

The Color Revolution We Warned You About Is In Progress

We didn’t just go through an election – it was a pre-scripted scam to merely ascertain how many votes that the Democrat/Globalist/Communist alliance needed to ...

Politicizing Coronavirus

Despite WHO director-general's plea, the WHO, EU, and other global alliances are conspiring to do just that by politicizing Coronavirus for globalism.

Accountability Must Come: Globalism, WHO, and the Wuhan Flu

Accountability must come to China and WHO for their part in the Coronavirus pandemic. World leaders are finally following President Donald Trump's efforts.

Self-Sufficiency Will Free the U.S. from China’s (and the Globalists’) Clutches

So many aspects of the US are controlled by or indebted to the success of China. This ranges from businesses, pharmaceutical companies, and even universities. ...

The Axis of Evil: A Base of Soviet Fascism

The original Axis of Evil continues to work it evil across the world. Putin and the Soviet Fascist system and their reach extends to Iran and even the US.

The Global Monetary System Under the Dollar Standard – Part III

Resisting threats from China, the U.S. dollar continues to reign supreme as the world's de facto reserve currency throughout the international financial system.

The Global Monetary System Under the Dollar Standard –  Part I

This three-part series examines how the advantages and disadvantages of the US dollar evolving into and functioning as the international currency.

President Trump to the UN: America First!

President Trump Vs. The Globalists President Donald Trump delivered his second address to the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday. It is no secret ...

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