Bad Moves by Bad People for Bad Policies

Move over, Deplorables.  Here come the Despicables. The January 6th Committee is putting on its dog-and-pony show supposedly for the purpose of passing new legislation to secure the Capitol building. …

The case for term limits: Can’t fault candidates for experience

On the campaign trail, you’ll hear candidates criticized for being in office too long; “they’ve lost the fire in their belly,” but you’ll also hear candidates criticized for running for a significant office like governor or Congress who have zero experience. Well, which is it? The fact both are paraded around makes something suspect. 

You need to know more about VA candidate Jarome Bell

Jerome Bell is an “America First” Republican running for Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District.  He is a bottom-line up-front, no-nonsense candidate who makes no bones about who the “bad guys” are domestically and abroad. 

Stacey Abrams Laughs at Biden

Abrams laughs at President Biden, who she's defended until this point. She hopes to run for office one day, or even possibly as vice president. She won't accept anything short of a landslide in 2022.