Pennsylvania Senate Candidate’s Powerful Message: “I’ve Always Been America First”

“America First” is a Powerful Campaign Message Released by Pennsylvania Senate Hopeful

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President Donald Trump may not have endorsed businessman David McCormick in the crowded Pennsylvania senate contest, but the MAGA-loving billionaire continues to rally behind the America First flag in his campaign, most notably in an exceptionally dramatic video produced in the last days of the cr crucial state primary.

The video is fiercely patriotic, considerably less cringey than Dr. Oz’s offerings, and strengthens McCormick’s credentials as a true conservative at a time when challengers are gaining ground.


McCormick, a West Point graduate, shares an unabashedly pro-America message while taking current leadership to task.

“And the weakness that we see in our leaders, the wokeness we see in our institutions, our schools, our military, our businesses, it’s taken our country on a path that we’re not going to recognize,” he said.

Rebecca Horvath
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