Live free or die: New Hampshire candidate Lily Tang Williams

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Many will recognize this title as the motto of New Hampshire. I see it as the rallying cry for the election campaign of one Lily Tang Williams since it could easily and logically double as a warning against what she has lived through.

Lily was born in China just before Mao’s cultural revolution. She was twelve when he died. Her life experience, up to the point of her conversion, was literally that of a “dyed in the wool” communist. She believed all of it. How could she not, being born into it? One would think such ingrained social programming (it was non-stop, 24/7) should have been impossible to overcome. As she grew older, she began to experience her own inner longing for liberty, although she had no concept of what that even meant at the time. 

But as we have heard so many times, nothing is impossible. Her inner turmoil became a galvanizing force once introduced to the Declaration of Independence by an American college student. And from that moment, she was driven to be where that came from – that “city on a hill.” And she made it in 1988! Lily has embraced her freedom with a bear hug and is living her American Dream. 

Danger ahead

However, as only one who has experienced true repression can, she is hyper aware of dangerous changes creeping into America’s culture and politics. And it looks an awful lot like the nightmarish bondage of social stratification she left behind in Communist China. With hunger a constant companion due to her parents low social standing, her uncle taught her how to trap rats and keep her hunger at bay. To those who say, “It can’t happen here,” Lily is adamantly warning that it can and is happening and she’s doing so anywhere they will have her tell her story. 

Having thrived here in her new country, Mrs. Williams and her husband, John, have raised three incredible children and she has exercised her freedom to become a successful entrepreneur. Her gratitude to America is so strong it has led her to run for office. She ran unsuccessfully in Colorado and is thankful to have had the opportunity and for the experience she gained through the process. Is she discouraged?  Not on your life! 

Intrigued by what she had heard about New Hampshire, she visited in 2016. She fell immediately in love with the states natural beauty (from a Coloradoan, that’s saying a lot), the common decency of its people, and its motto, “Live Free or Die,” which accurately reflects her own personal sentiments. Not daunted by her previous unsuccessful attempt, she is running again for office as a representative in the New Hampshire State House for the second district.

Communism and socialism

So why does it matter? For me I can say that I still remember my mother telling me and my siblings as we sat glued to the “boob tube” watching Looney Tunes we’d seen so many times before we knew them all by heart that, “The Communists are gonna walk right in and take the country and you kids won’t even know because your glued to that thing.” After becoming certified in Military Occupational Specialty (M.O.S.), I was stationed in the formerly divided Germany on the border my first three years in the Army.  Ya know, keepin’ an eye on the “commies”? That was quite an eye-opening experience for a then 18-year-old. 

Both Lily and I have experienced what communism/socialism (I make no distinction between the two) is, can and will do to not only the “useful idiots” who blindly support it, but also the society at large. That border in Germany was not established to keep the West from invading. It was put there and manned with soldiers who did shoot their fellow countrymen, vicious attack dogs, and laid with obstacles and mines to prevent the escape of those poor souls unfortunate enough to have committed the sin of being born on the wrong side of it. That border was a tangible symbol of the so-called utopia of these “isms,” the enforced compliance of imprisonment under penalty of death.

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Courage and tenacity

The reality of what this system of government leads to is not being taught in school anymore. To be frank, it wasn’t taught to me in school either in the stark terms in which I have described herein. God bless my Mom. And God bless Lily Tang Williams for her courage and tenacity; if she is successful in her bid, we could actually see a formidable legislator at the state level who can positively impact what should be part of American foundational education that could turn the rising tide of socialism here.

Oh yeah, one more thing: she became a citizen legally. America as a nation is not racist, (despite the actions of some misguided individuals – bless their hearts) but we do have laws that we expect our elected officials to enforce. You can bet Lily will be a strong voice for legal immigration.

Live free or die!

Tony Pichoff
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