Biden: The Economy Isn’t Bad, You Just Can’t See How Good It Is

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New in PJ Media: Old Joe Biden has been a liar his entire public life, from his plagiarism in law school and on the presidential campaign trail to his lies about the accident that killed his first wife and the innumerable lies he has told while pretending to be president.

Economic Impact: The George Floyd Riots

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The recent rash of riots and looting may wind up costing as much as $1 billion in property damage, theft, lost sales, lost wages, lost taxes, and jobs.

COVID-19: Time to Revisit Globalization?

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While there have been concerns about the effects of globalization, COVID-19 has clarified its many failures. The time to revisit globalization is now!

It’s Trump’s Economy, Stupid!

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President Clinton leveraged the phrase "it's the economy stupid" which resonates clearly with today's electorate in the booming Trump economy.

Low Income Tax Returns are Good

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Americans are conditioned to want high income tax refunds. They are just checks the government gives you for catching them having too much of your money.