Trump’s Economy: What the Left Doesn’t Want You to Know

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The Left Cannot Compete With Trump’s Economy

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While the Left has spent two-plus years sniffing for another conspiracy to chase, President Trump has been hard at work. Although Trump has made significant progress in many areas, the main area that the mainstream media does not want to talk about is the economy. The MSM and liberal politicians avoid talking about Trump’s economy like it’s the plague.

The Left has very little to run on.

In the event that they do report on it, they do so with a bitter taste in their mouths. It’s like they cannot stomach having to admit that the president did anything right. What they fail to convey is that President Trump did not just do it right. He crushed it. He took a weak economy and turned it into something that a lot of people alive today have never seen. A booming economy, jobs pouring in, a high GDP and some of the lowest unemployment rates on record has the Left shaking in their metaphorical boots.

Trump’s Economy Produces Record Numbers

While the Left is whining about not winning, the Right should be celebrating the constant wins. Forget the lies and slander the media tries to spin. Focus on what matters. Focus on the wins. This economy is a huge win. Once again, in April, the jobs report absolutely shattered expectations. Economists predicted 190,000 added jobs and those numbers could not touch the actual numbers of 263,000 added jobs.

Additionally, the unemployment rates dropped again from 3.8 to 3.6, exceeding expectations as well. Even CNN has reported that unemployment is at a 50 year low. December 1969 is the last time America saw these kinds of numbers. President Trump posted about the economy on Facebook. The last time the unemployment levels were this good, you could buy a loaf of bread for $.23. Yes, less than a quarter.

How the Left Responds to Trump’s Economy

With numbers like this, how will the Left compete? Pitching socialism in an economy that is not failing will not work. Capitalism is working beautifully without being stifled by too big government. It’s too bad that Hillary did not get her appointed seat on the throne. Her losing really derailed the socialism angle. Poor Obama is watching all the hard work he put in to weaken our economy (and essentially, America as a whole) be undone.

Ironically, the Left would like to claim credit for Trump’s economy. The Left, and Obama himself, spent 8 years blaming all the bad things happening on the “previous administration” – hello George W. Bush. Now they want to take credit for things the new administration is doing. However, as we continue to move further from the moment that Obama left office it gets increasingly difficult to spin that story.

Not only has too much time passed, but President Trump has made too many changes. The truth pill that the Left cannot seem to swallow is that this is not Obama’s legacy in the works. This is the result of the Art of the Deal. A businessman is running America and that equals more money in everyone’s pockets. Between the tax cuts, wage hikes, and $9.1 trillion in new market value the positives are just rolling in.

How the Media Spins the Booming Economy

While any person with a little common sense can see the obvious growth and positive changes, the media still tries to spin a narrative. Media personalities would like to convince you that the Tax Cut and Jobs Act helped only the wealthy. However, when the numbers started coming out, it became clear that most Americans are going home with more change in their pockets. Even the attempt to spin income tax returns failed. For the people who did see a decrease in their returns – it was simply because more of their own money was coming home on their paychecks.

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So, instead of letting the Government hold on to your money interest-free, you get to take it home each week. At tax time, you get back any overpayment and call it a day. The media wants you to think this is a bad thing. However, it does not take an accountant to figure out that keeping your own money and possibly investing that in an interest-bearing account Trumps (yes, that’s a pun) handing it over to Uncle Sam.

How the Economy Effects Women and Minorites

It is ironic that the president labeled a racist and misogynist by the Left seems to be doing so much for both groups. President Trump claimed that he wanted to help low-income African American communities on the campaign trail. Unlike true politicians, he has lived up to that claim. Even with the entire Democrat party, some of the Republican party, the media and the Deep State working against him, he somehow managed to get Black unemployment down to the lowest it has been in recorded history. Shall we say it louder for the people in the back?

Moreover, this misogynistic president, who by the way has women in high ranking positions all over his administration (and not under the oval office desk – looking at you Slick Willy), has managed to accomplish even more. Female unemployment decreased from 8.6% in 2010 to 3.6% in 2018. For those who may have forgotten, it was Obama who was president in 2010. Now, who was president in 2018? I will give you a hint – he has a great combover and answers to Mr. President.

Will Trump’s Economy Win the 2020 Presidential Election?

trump smiling

With the booming economic numbers and undeniable momentum that President Trump has with voters, what will the Left run on? If they have learned anything, it should be that calling the president names and trying to scare people into not voting for him will not work. However, it does not appear this is a lesson they want to learn. The Left thinks if they keep talking about the mean orange man who does not like you if you are not orange like him, the voters will run scared right into their polling numbers. As President Trump would say – wrong.

Voters want a reason to vote for someone, not all the reasons why you do not like your opponent. Will the Left continue to try to impeach the sitting president? Maybe. However, that is also not a reason to vote for them. Moreover, Marc A. Thiessen said in a recent Washington Post column that “Impeachment over anything other than a conspiracy with Russia will backfire with the American people and help ensure Trump’s re-election.”

The Left has very little to run on. They are so fractured that it looks like their platform will have 100’s of candidates competing in the primary. Their voters are so confused from all the identity politics that they will not know whether to vote for the old white man or the radical Left-wing woman. On top of the absolute chaos of the Left, they have the economy to contend with. Current front-runner Joe Biden will get beaten to a metaphorical pulp on the economy. Unfortunately for him, he has Obamas legacy (or lack thereof) attached to him.

So, grab your popcorn and get ready. This is going to be one entertaining ride. Heck, throw a watch party with your friends. You can afford it after all with that extra change in your pocket.

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