Does Your Freedom Matter?

The CDC quietly updated their coronavirus death numbers and it has revealed what we have known all along.  Of all the COVID-19 deaths in the United States, the numbers have…

Et Tu, First Amendment?

With tech’s invasion into our lives and censorship of our speech, one must question whether our First Amendment still holds its rightful legal status.

The Antidote to Anarcho-Tyranny

The Left continually plays their hand but gives us the awareness to counteract and win. Winning requires astuteness to turn their own devices against them.

The Ties That Bind

The ties that bind Blacks together is the family unit, not a reflection back to the early American slave trade or to today's leftist attacks on America.

All We Really Want is Freedom!

Freedom is found in the Conservative Republican Party. Because of the rights granted within the US Constitution, party should not matter.

Constitutional Power: It Belongs To The People

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Our Founding Fathers Gave Us a Fail Safe Because of the war on our Constitution by the establishment, corrupted officials and the media, many Americans have feared that conservatives will…