Getting Our Freedoms Back in Light of Coronavirus

Eric Matheny: “Americans Will Be Adults and Self Social Distance Themselves”

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Saturday’s podcast kicks off with Eric pondering whether a modern day cult may be forming. A “Getting Our Freedoms Back” movement, he sees, has been brought on by the many who seem to possess an, “unconditional obedience to what the government tells them to do.” He touched on how dreadful a prolonged delay could be in the reopening of our economy and that bad actors will use it to their advantage in November’s elections.

Bob is sure the left wants to force mail-in voting, believing, “It’s all a scam.” Eric concedes more from the administration could have been done to broadly limit travel into the United States. However, the concerted effort shown by Democrats to try and parlay this crisis into countless political advantages pales in comparison.

Democrats all over the country are starting to see this whole crisis as a power grab. Mounting tumultuous actions taken recently by Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, drew ripe criticism from Bob. He wondered how liberals, who own small businesses in Michigan, feel about what is going on there now. Whitmer is handpicking things to ban during this crisis.

She even banned buying American flags. Bob wondered how Michigan residents feel about government employees in Michigan still receiving paychecks. Eric trusts an economic rebound will happen well before November. He believes “Americans will be adults and self social distance themselves whether government says to do so or not.”

A Change of Pace

As quickly as the episode began discussing the politics of the past week, it changed course. Eric invited a special guest to take us away from politics for a bit. Bob creatively sat out as Eric and Shawn-A-Saurus Rex, squared off on an impromptu ‘what-if’ scenario. Shawn has now been dubbed the podcast’s unofficial cultural correspondent.

He lives in Ohio, but was told to pretend he lived in Michigan, imagining himself on total lockdown. He played along. Eric and Shawn laid out their prized entertainment gems should Whitmer graciously allow them to skip off to quarantine indefinitely. They shared entertainment one should not live without and ones relevant in light of the world today.

The Challenge

Covering TV shows, albums, and films, they seemed to be longing for a vintage theme, carefully chosen to be displayed inside their respective cubby holes. Leading off, Shawn claimed the original black and white Twilight Zone, for its many lessons and timeless relevance, could mingle with The Sopranos, “get it done” type, Tony Soprano, and get New York City up and running again. Eric admitted he could not go underground without The Office, “Gotta have it. Absolutely love it.” Perhaps to quell the laughter, the darkness of HBO’s Six Feet Under series was an Eric must-keep.

In selecting only keeper albums, early talent seemed coveted most. Dirt by Alice in Chains was Shawn’s number 5 pick, displaying his love for that era, and the two vocals that album employed. Steely Dan’s, Goucho, only made it to number 3 on his list, but probably garnered the most attention from both. Eric had Steely Dan on his list as well. Their album, Aja, was tops for him. The precision of their sound was expounded upon.

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Doomsday Entertainment

Eric chose Nirvana‘s grunge style, in keeping with Shawn’s selection of a timely Alice in Chains’ album. Thus the album, Nevermind, was invited to join him in purgatory. Admittedly too young to fully appreciate the impact those baggy pants-wearing kids out of Seattle were having on a then-changing society, he could still perceive how the older kids were being influenced by it. We won’t list his number 1 album of all time, but it is, “absolutely perfect.”

Sylvester Stallone got to go down into the Whitmer bunker with Shawn. They both agreed that First Blood was a movie that personified the ‘being left alone’ mentality. They both reasoned that, if they had just let John Rambo go into town, get a bite to eat and go about his day, so much could have been avoided. Shawn insisted the back story told of the Corleons is what led The Godfather 2, and not its predecessor, onto his doomsday list.

Eric hauled off Point Break, in a parachute backpack, as fast as he could, as its perfection throughout required nothing less. Working to round out the segment, Training Day, with Ethan Hawke and Denzel Washington, had just the right amount of real content to force its way on to team-Eric’s list, before Whitmer’s iron gates were indeterminately lowered. They each left out their all-time favorites. To learn just how far they went astray, you’ll have to see for yourself. Do they even make it past E.T.? Watch and see!

A Welcome Change

Wrapping up Saturday’s podcast, aside from that unexpected jaunt into pop culture fun, Bob & Eric briefly got back to normal. Eric mused that Democrat governors are seemingly trying to out-tyrant each other. Bob advised that, if one finds themselves trapped in a state that lags horrifically behind in re-opening, they should simply “go to work.” They can’t arrest everyone. “Just go.”

Undoubtedly, Bob will have much more to say in the future regarding civil liberties and getting our freedoms back, once he’s had a chance to fully mourn his recent loss. Bringing it all to a close, Eric touched on why our Constitution was specifically written to place firm limits on any future central government’s ambitions, and the subsequent enduring power it continues to possess. He asserts, “We will be triumphant because we are a resilient people, not because of any resilient government.”

This Saturday podcast was refreshing. Complete with advice on wine, our hosts seemed to reach back in time for the right comforts needed to indulge the alter-exile. Many talk of the apocalypse, but it was fun to pretend ‘what if’ with a good bit of nostalgia. Make sure you watch Bob and Eric’s Weekly Wrap-up every Wednesday evening at 9:30pm EST, and each Saturday at 12pm EST. Here’s the full episode:
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