Does Your Freedom Matter?

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The CDC quietly updated their coronavirus death numbers and it has revealed what we have known all along.  Of all the COVID-19 deaths in the United States, the numbers have shown that out of all of the deaths listed as COVID related, it amounts to 0.04% of the population.  That means, if math and data is to be trusted (which we now know that every number we got from all the reports can be fabricated) then 161392 people have died as of August 22nd, 2020.  Out of nearly 350 million people, that is 0.04% of the total population that have died with over 50000 of them being anyone 85 years and older.  

This is Where Our Silence Got Us

We shut down, quarantined, and changed up every single infrastructure we have been familiar with into a “new normal.”  Schools have changed every single one of their means from virtual learning which drives kids insane as social development has come to a halt and five year olds can’t seem to cope in front of the computer.  If you’re one of the “lucky” families with schools reopening, your kid will be placed inside of a square during recess, have their own table during lunch, sit behind a plexiglass window plastered at their desk wearing a mask and maybe even a bubble suit depending on how psychotic your city council and school district president are.  Places of business, especially the corporate ones, are all enforcing masks to be worn unconstitutionally from Vitamin Shoppe to CostCo and even some local restaurants are asking patrons to wear a mask when walking to their table, only to take it off while eating.  We shut down churches and gyms, furloughed employees, helped Zoom stocks skyrocket, yet ridiculous governors with superiority complexes and hubris all allow strip clubs, marijuana dispensaries, and liquor stores open access but you can’t sit at a cigar lounge and smoke.  “Social distancing” has been added to the cultural vernacular where so many are sick of hearing it as it’s this lunatic policy where ministry staff, school teachers, public officials, journalists, and even our President have adopted as part of the lunacy.  Where were we?  We were around but we kind of took it because we’ve been told all our lives to trust the experts.  Experts who flip flopped their initial take on matters and went from “no need for masks” to “wear the masks.”  These same experts have also flubbed numbers and data that might have helped make the nation move forward as all this coronavirus “pandemic” was nothing more than a trumped up flu bug.  But we stood by as even the flubbed numbers were out and still did nothing.

Racism, Riots, and Recommendations Galore

Then the riots started happening.  A behemoth black drug using criminal who tried to pay with fraudulent means died of a drug overdose and people have venerated him to god-like status with murals, folded flags, and politicians bending their knees, looking like Wakanda chess pieces.  Moronic liberals of all colors came out and started protesting.  Race riots broke out in the streets of these cities and we’ve found more black people murdered over silly things like TVs and Jordans.  Some even as young as two years old were shot and the mainstream media, the most effective devil in America stayed silent.  Blacks hunt white people and Asians, businesses and buildings are looted and burned down.  Now people are making excuses and trying to give a hall pass to criminality by calling it “understanding” and “compassion” while people continue to be assaulted, beat down, and murdered.  With such terrorist groups like ANTIFA and BLM continuing to run in the streets, “experts” still continue to chain normal citizens to wear masks and maintain “social distancing” unless you protest in black supremacist marches.  Yet we still stood by and did not raise the hell we should have.  

The Need To be Stirred

Patriotism is more than catchy slogans, wearing a benign pin or paraphernalia.  Patriotism is speaking up, acting out, yelling loudly, and when freedoms are infringed, it’s about fighting the right fight.  It’s about that civil disobedience when a company or a store enforces the use of masks, we tell them to shove it because that’s illegal on so many levels from medical to constitutional.  But we fell asleep.  We let the Democrats and the RINOs dictate the means of our lives and we allowed them to push the boundaries towards tyranny in their own power grab.  We let them do this. 

But we cannot do let the government run us any more.  We are the government.  The people should not be afraid of the government, the government should be afraid of us.  So what do we do?  We throw the tea overboard.  We declare war on these domestic terrorists keeping us in fear.  We do everything the mainstream media thinks is bad, we do it to let them know they are irrelevant and holds no sway any longer.  We mock them, we punch back when a soyboy and a shriveled hag stares in the face of our mom/aunt/wife/daughter trying to try to force her to raise her fist in solidarity to a Marxist organization as a dead beat sexual assault criminal is shot in the back for resisting arrest.  We laugh at those who would argue that a 17 year old kid was looking for trouble.  We mock those who cry “defund the police” but then cry in need of one and we never let that stuff go.  But before we push back against the heifer who would dare interrupt our outdoor dinner to try and get us to comply with Black Lives Matter, or take a sniper gun and shoot the cars of those rioters who dare come to the suburbs telling us to “Wake Up!” at three in the morning, let us listen to the words of Patrick Henry’s “Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death!” speech.  Freedom matters.  They’re literally trying to take away our God, our love, our rights, our civility, our civilization, and our identity as Americans and we can’t let them whether they are the rioters or the politician who dares to try.  If we want to Keep America Great, it’s time to throw the tea overboard and tell them to “F*** off!”  If this doesn’t spur you, nothing will and after Trump, kiss your America goodbye because you uselessly stood by and did nothing!  We’ll see you on the front lines. Why such rhetoric, because dangerous freedom is far better than being a slave. Let’s let content creator John Ward say it in the best way he knows how. Maybe then it’ll wake us up!

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