The Antidote to Anarcho-Tyranny

Why the New Tyranny Cannot be Tolerated

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What made this nation great was the essential understanding that tyranny cannot be not tolerated. Rebellion has always been the foundation of being a Native American. You probably read that and thought, “I don’t have the the heritage to be called a Native American, so this is rubbish.” But understand that what makes a native is not necessarily a physical attribute. When it comes to being a Native American, it is not whether you have blood ties with the Cree, the Inuit, the Comanche, the Iroquois or the Sioux. Behavior is the qualifier.

America, as a landmass, came to be the cradle of individuality and freedom.  The underlying reasoning for this assertion is a basic understanding of history. It took a group of people or individuals to cross vast swaths of land from deserts to tundra because certain socio-cultural changes occurred, forcing them to migrate. The landmass we know as the United States of America was simply connected by an ice bridge. These migrants took up their possessions, looked at that bridge and said, “I like it.” and then crossed that bridge. If you are following this reasoning, then it should come to no surprise that America as a landmass is no different than any other landmass out there.  

A Land For Refugees

An observance of history will show that the New World as we know it today, the USA, was a land that served as the harbor for ideological refugees fleeing tyranny, not flavor of the week opportunists fleeing gender statistics.  A bunch of British bros saw what tyranny was doing at a distance and said, “Naw, we’re out!” and collectively decided to rebel and separate from England. Thus started the war that would see barely battle trained peasants overtake garrisons of red coated storm troopers trained in the art of war and win what was the independence of the colonies to later become the United States of America. Through it all, America became that harbor for people fleeing their current situation to find a better way of life. Even today, America takes in about one million immigrants annually.  

The clandestine rule of the radical left, as we know them today, has brought with it the gift of awareness. If those who look differently must think alike, then those who look alike can think differently. If cowards in masks can affect the fate of a nation, we must ask how awesome might the fate of the nation be if it were influenced by heroes in the open? If one can be native to the enslavement of empty words like race, gender, and nationality, then one can be native to a concept freedom.

When we see the notions of personal responsibility railing against the foil of the left that insists we must be reliant upon the government; when we see the concept of gender become malleable and biological science (that gives a stable understanding of the state of the physical world) become a thing of the past; when we see superfluous definitions become the norm, we then see society reduced to a state of hopelessness, drawn into nihilism.

Do Not Despair

The opposite of nihilism is not necessarily optimism, but hopefulness or faith. If we trust and believe in the basis of our roots, the ideology we as a nation have established, the ideas we adhere to will come through in the end. It will be a fight but it will be a fight that is worth our lives. If the left has sufficiently proven themselves to be the ideological dictators and tyrants as we now understand them, then the only logical thing to do is rebel. Rebel against progressivism. 

If they tell us that there are more than two genders, we say “No!” If they malign us because we believe in the traditional definition of marriage of one man and one woman, and they force another definition, we say “No!” If they tell us to hand over our guns, we say “Come and get it!” If they call us “racists,” we smile. If they come for our children, we fight. If they want to isolate and separate us, we stand firm and gather. 

Freedom costs but, if there’s one thing that inspires, it is those who are willing to fight for what they believe. We need to count the cost of this fight. For far too long we have been the silent majority. It’s time for us to be silent no longer. We need to fight for our future, the next generation, who will the leaders and who need to be good ones.

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The Call to Freedom

This is a call to do everything the left is attempting to force us to reject. Be a man who loves his God, guns, girl, and freedom. Be a woman who worships in church, loves her man, and her fitness. Be a Black American that loves his country and is willing to fight against ideological tyranny. Be an Asian American that stands up for the nation that allows you to live freely to work and go to school. Be an immigrant that understands the why for which you wanted to come. Be a husband. Be a father. Be a mother. Be a daughter. Be a God worshiper and go to church or services.

Be willing to converse. Fall in love. Smoke your cigar. Throw away your soy. Eat all the beef you want. Use chopsticks. Don’t use welfare. Create your own small business. Just go and do it. Everything the left is trying force you to do, do the exact opposite. They’re telling you to have sex out of wedlock and abort the baby. Instead, get married and raise those children. Instill in those beautiful babies everything that is the opposite of the left’s ideology. Let those kids into the world to do it better than you. That’s going to take a few rebels who will look at the left and tell them off. Fight them off if need be. One thing is for sure: if they come for us with all the hateful, divisive rhetoric to tie us down into subjugation and submission, then all that will be left is to push back.

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