Cultural Identity
The Antidote to Anarcho-Tyranny

The Left continually plays their hand but gives us the awareness to counteract and win. Winning requires astuteness to turn their own devices against them.

RINOs: The Hypocrisy of Pretend Republicans

RINOs, or Republicans In Name Only, believe they are choosing the lesser of two evils. But are they really siding with conservative principles?

HAPPY BREXIT DAY!: Britain Declares Independence

Brexit Day is here! The British people's fight for independence will finally be rewarded at midnight London time, but not everyone is all that happy.

Consumer Culture: Having Is Better Than Not Having

Societies’ consumer culture is a culture of products abundantly available through capitalism and through an open market, with both good and bad results.

New Album Drop: Review of Kanye West’s “Jesus Is King”

In a review of Kanye West’s “Jesus is King,” Ye shares his being born again in Christ, with telling lyrics warning listeners of the evil that hides in plain ...

Shocking Scandal: PewDiePie Bends the Knee?

PewDiePie shocks and confuses fans when he makes a donation to the ADL. Then he takes it back. What in the world is up with PewDiePie?

2019 “Aladdin” Review: Spoiler Alert!

How does the live action movie Aladdin stack up to the animated classic? Let's take a look at Disney's latest effort! WARNING: Spoiler alert!

Jexodus: Jews Exodus the Democrat Party

Ancient Jews escaped from the clutches of Pharaoh. Today many call for them to do the same thing. However, this time it is the DNC they are fleeing.

The Asian Ideological Problem

Despite their entrepreneurial success, Asian-Americans may be drifting toward liberalism, hence the Asian ideological problem.

Top 10 Reasons to Save America With Your Midterm Vote

Tomorrow is Voting Day The epic midterm elections are finally upon us. The objective is simple yet critical; Republicans must make gains: hold their existing ...

Divided States of America

They Try To Divide Us, We Stand United So much energy is put into what divides us as a people, and little focus on promoting what unites us. Liberal states ...

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