RINOs: The Hypocrisy of Pretend Republicans

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Who are these RINOs?

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In recent weeks, during impeachment and post impeachment, we have seen an uptick in dispositions, particularly in the media. Attempting to gain relevance, they spout anti-Trump rhetoric while claiming to support Republican or Conservative positions. These are people we call RINOs.

RINOs are Republicans In Name Only. This behavior is really nothing more than some gesture of expediency to gain clout and voters. We have seen it with Ana Navarro, who continually goes against any Republican positions while claiming to be a “Republican strategist.” We have seen it with Rick Wilson, another self-proclaimed Republican strategist who recently went on CNN and mocked Trump voters as nothing more than ignorant “rednecks” and “boomer rubes” who can’t read maps. 

Notice how Worst Journalist of the Year and alleged sexual assaulter Don Lemon laughs hysterically at the continual attacks on Americans from a supposed Republican strategist. We also saw irrelevant Mitt Romney of Utah state that he would vote to remove President Trump from office. All of this begs the question to Americans: do Never-Trumpers opinions really matter? We would say no, and here is why.

RINOs: From The Start

Skepticism is appropriate when faced with someone or something that is new and out of the box. We should be allowed to question political candidates’ actions, motives and intentions. The moment we all heard in 2015 that reality television show creator, real estate mogul and entertainer Donald J. Trump announced his run as President on the Republican ticket, it was understandably met with skepticism. 

Many thought of him as a bombastic, over the top type of public figure; an entertainer; someone who sometimes insulted women. He was not a career politician. Some thought it was a popularity stunt. Others thought he was just a clown.

But then came the debates, in which he did well. As Trump began to pick up support, the media and Democrats dug up a locker room soundbite about sex, secret documents, and anything else they could find to use against him. In spite of all this baseless vitriol founded on nothing but weakness and emotion, skeptics turned into believers. So the media and the Left started their first attempt to impeach him even before he even took office.  

The Results as of Now

Today, we see that this President has done far more of what he promised to do than most Presidents have in their first term. Even in the midst of the scandal of the Democrats’ sham and farce of an impeachment, unfounded and unconstitutional by every stretch of the imagination, Trump has done more and stood for more than any President has done.

In the first three years of the Presidency of Donald Trump, we have seen record improvements in the economy that were simply celebratory.  We have also seen a President who will stand up for the principles he claims to hold. Examples of economic numbers that we are loving as regular citizens are many!

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The lowest black unemployment rates we have seen in decades; also, the lowest Latino, Asian, and female unemployment rates. The Tax cuts that he implemented reduced the tax bill of a household of four with a median annual income of $73,000 by 60%. Stock market numbers have risen to new levels.  We have also seen one of the most pro-life Presidents to date. None of President Trump’s predecessors had even attended a March For Life event. President Trump was not just the first President to attend, he also spoke at the event!

Lesser of Two Evils? Really?

Yet we have RINOs like Rick Wilson and Ana Navarro still on the air, still continually insulting Americans, still demeaning the efforts of our President, and ultimately showing themselves for the snakes and hypocrites they are. Again, the tale of the tape shows Rick Wilson on CNN making Don Lemon laugh uncontrollably at a “joke” that mocks and belittles Americans, along with discount M. Night Shyamalan lookalike Wajahat Ali, who jumped into the fray with Rick Wilson. Again, this is what these elitists think of everyday Americans, that we are ignorant fools.

Never-Trumpers always claim they are “choosing the lesser of two evils.” Trump is the greater evil, so it’s a “matter of principle.”  Translation: abandon all principles because Donald Trump is not perfect. That is what you will always hear from such folks who claim they will vote on principle and not on candidate; while we should always observe the principles and hold to our values that have founded this nation, there are many Conservative principles that Trump has upheld that the other side continues to be against. Shall we review (and then make the decision on) the “lesser of two evils?”

First off, Trump has been lauded as the most pro-life President to date.  Trump has done more for the pro-life agenda than well, the other side, and more than the two previous Republican presidents. So, the lesser of two evils is siding with not a pro-life President, but with the side that votes to ensure tax payer funded abortions on demand up to birth, including transgenders, no exceptions. If you believe this, we remind you of Ralph Northam of Virginia and Andrew Cuomo of New York.  Just in case you think we are picking and choosing, you can watch Blackface Tyrant Northam’s full radio interview with the context all here

Babies and Bathwater

Are Never Trumpers going to throw out all the Conservative pro-life principles just because Trump said something naughty, in a private conversation in a locker room, over a decade ago and probably in jest, before he even thought of becoming President? Again, Trump is arguably one of the MOST pro-life Presidents to date; he signed a bill against Planned Parenthood. He has reinstated the “Mexico City Policy” ,which is a policy that puts a gag order on U.S. dollars funding international abortions. He even shifted funding from sex-ed to abstinence education and natural family planning programs. But again, Never-Trumpers propose to ignore these actions of this President because: reasons.

If we are talking about “principles,” then how about the 2nd Amendment?  Did that get thrown out the window? Is the lesser of two evils voting for the party that seeks to ban all semi-automatic weapons from normal citizenry that the 2nd Amendment affords? Is the lesser of two evils voting for the party that will take away your guns?  Is it the lesser of two evils to support the party the appoints Justices who state that private citizens have “no right to owning firearms”?

Principles? What “principles” are these Never-Trumpers all talking about?  What about the economy, which is measurable in terms of numbers? The leading Democrat offers a 90% tax which is “not too high.” But again, under Donald Trump, we see record low unemployment rates, record low layoffs, tax cuts that benefit middle Americans, steady rise in the job market, increased wages, and so on. Dear RINOs, Is this the greater of two evils?

Not Trump Means The Party of Social Justice

For Never-Trumpers, the only alternative in this illusion of “lesser of two evils” is now to side with the party of identity politics. That is all the Democrats can offer because they cannot top the President’s achievements, much less argue them. If Never Trumpers are going to vote for anyone not named Donald Trump, then they are going to side with the party of Social Justice which are the Democrats. We all know what social justice does, and it is a stain on our culture. It continues to rot away at the fabric of life normal Americans simply want to build.

Never-Trumpers are not for principles in the slightest, and this is why they really don’t matter. Based on the numbers and the evidence we have seen, it’s quite clear that Never-Trumpers have a decision to make. Get in line and pull the lever for Trump 2020 because these last few years have given the American people so much winning it puts Charlie Sheen to shame. The alternative to a President Trump is everything else not Trump, and that is not America. This is why we need to pull the lever for four more years and put RINOs like Rick Wilson, Ana Navarro and Mitt Romney back in their places, back into irrelevancy.

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